Pink Gins & Googlies chapter 2: Aden Adventure Episode 3 Assault on Precinct Aden

Following ‘ Detective Constable’ Jones taking Inspector Reswick prisoner Mavis back into a shelf and a vase falls off knocking her unconscious.

Pacewoman Hettie Larwood keeps him talking as he backs towards the office as Mags Hebbelthwaite sneaks through the shutter abs tries to ambush him. She fails but distracts the false policeman long enough due Larwood to wallop him with her handbag full of cricket balls.

Meanwhile outside Gwendoline Devonshire recovered from her sherbet poisoning racing down the road in response to the pistol shot notices two Bedouin bandits unwrapping rifles. Dashing across the road and round the back street he ambushes them as they deploy. There is a savage shootout with Gwen dispatching one, seeing further Bedouin riding into the town and then sprinting to the police station making pistol shots over her shoulder as she’s flees.

With the team united and Constable Jones handcuffed the team formulate a plan having found the phone lines cut.

  • Hettie lifts a Greene police shotgun fro the armoury and covers the south and east corners from the first floor dormitory windows.

  • Supplementing her automatic with a police Webley Gwen goes ‘John Woo’ watching the north and east from the ground floor cell windows.
  • In the Inspector office clever clogs Mags works on putting together a two way radio from the inspector’s leisure radio, bits of phones and odds and ends with Inspector Reswick’s stunne

Claude Slyvian Belgian archeologist and Aunt Agatha’s archenemy gives them a chance to surrender but they refuse.

Batswoman and fast bowler take out some attacking bandits as they rush the police station. Both take mild wounds from a fusillade as over 20 brigands are attacking.

Grenades are thrown in the windows to the cells. Gwen in cell 2 puts her slip fielding to good use gathering ‘ the ball’ palming it to her right and pitching it back out the window like she was trying a stumping. She then rolls under a bunk to escape the other explosions.

She then rolls out and taking cover behind the desk engages the criminals storming the main entrance.

Hettie seeing a cluster of warriors forcing the door leaps into the awning above the porch hoping to collapse on them. Unfortunately her resolutely sensible hobnail boots tear through the cloth leaving her to land flat in the porch shotgun in legs in front of ten bandits with ” err… hello lads.”

So Gwen and hettie shoot it – Hettie is a furry but exposed abs taking injuries so smashed through the bandits like a rugby forward vaulting the counter. Then her and Gwen work backwards with Gwen working back to the office and Hettie works from the desk. Beavering away in the office Mags hears folks climbing the east wall so sends Reswick to tell the girls but he’s shot down in fusillade by the banditos.

Mags gets through in turn to a HMS Compass Rose in the harbour, the Balouchi Garrison and the SS Kirby Seegston to get a message to Sergeant Kumar in the hotel.

Gwen flanks the attack’s from the inspectors counter and with Hettie’s impressive fire they drive off those attackers. Hettie turns to face a party led by Claude and Marvel Lupocevic down the stairs blowing the shifty Belgian to kingdom come. Sergeant Kumar and Indian police relic are first on the scene followed by the Navy, sepoys of the Balouchistanis and even some RAF planes.

The official story gives much credit to Inspector Reswick but Luvky Wilson is told the truth and promises the whole team accommodation at her mansion when they play Hollywood.

Pink Gins & Googlies Will returns in the Columbo Cocaine mystery

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