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Lunchtimelairs B&B1 Go West crushers of the chicken industry

Lunchtime Lairs is a regular Wednesday lunchtime game 12-2 at justplay games in tithebarne street, Liverpool

The story so far after sundry adventures the adventurers got to the town of Celebration found it was a cunning trick of Farqual’s evil brother Barqual unwittingly released the chocolate Kaiju demon Hersey – Hesse’s to the Guy Farm made an alliance with giant chickens such a Cluck Norris & Attila the Hen – tide them into battle against the infernal confectionary behemoth saving Thieftown…

The resulting fame and fortune means Farqual the chocolatier conjurer, Moloch the thief & Jirad the Cleric of Yerlot of the party ended up sharing digs doing the celebrity circuit of being wined and dined by the great and the good. The wine, the fine clothes, the groupies taking their toll.

However they are accosted after one night of debauchery by elite assassins with poison daggers they defeat them though Moloch is badly wounded & Farqual hurt. Through turning poison on a captive and providing the antidote they find the assassins where from the Deep Spies, the secret arm of the Konsolidated Farmers of Chicken (or KFC.) guild.

See the Colonel, leader of the guild despatched them as the new temporary governor as banded the consumption of chicken or eggs as a thank you to the giant avian saviours of Thieftown. The guild wants revenge on our ‘heroes’ for the sudden poverty of its membership.

After allowing the captive to die of poison and a nights rest the trio are awoken by hecklers in the street. With the discovery of silver in the Sulphur Spring Valley (over West beyond the Pavel Ranch) cavarans are advertising for the poor to ‘go east’ to mine silver. This includes many chicken farmers.

Deciding this may be a way to find ‘the colonel’ our three amigo’s blag their way onto Bantam’s Caravan which means drinking, eating and bullying peasants. It seems Jirad in particular has let his VIP status rather go to his head. This leads to a confrontation when they reach the caravan end ‘Promise City’ and it turns out Bantam thinks food & drink & transport is payment enough for their ‘services.’

The part head to the Gay lady tavern where Jirad becomes awestruck by the chanteuse Lilly Von Poop

Moloch meanwhile notices the games of chance in the house are fixed by the thieves guild. Talking they find out an election is coming with an ‘open party’ for the little guy and free market ( thief’s guild & open rangers ) v a ‘law & order party’ (big ranches & big mining companies.) The PCs are already suspicious of the big mines having seen Dwarfs signing up tenderfoots to the Silverbell mining company on dodgy terms.

A town open for the taking ? Could our celebrities leverage their fame to a political career ? Or their talent for thuggery ? Time will tell in Ballots & billyclubs

Yes I’m adapting classic boothill scenario ballots & bullets to blackhack should be interesting.

One comment on “Lunchtimelairs B&B1 Go West crushers of the chicken industry

  1. […] Streets, Moloch a fellow thief of exhausted temperament & chocomancer conjouer Farqual Neely having arrived in silver rush town of Promise City get a further insight into the election politics by grilling the batman of the Gay lady […]

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