Pink Gins & Googlies 3:1 Columbo Cocaine Adventure – Let’s have a Ball

Arriving in Columbo after their march against Sheik Mumabrak’s harem XI (results ) and Aden Adventure the girls of the Cranford Old Girls XI arrive for their match in Columbo. However that evening they are guests of honour at the Ceylon Civil Servants Ball at the Governor’s residence.

However Mags & Mavis soon her up to mischief noticing that many of the civil servants appear very animated – outspoken even. A bit of ferreting away to a long suffering wife Gladys Wolks reveals that many have been taking Cocaine to cope with a long hours – a special brag game procured from a Chinese apothecary Shun Wu in the Docks. In the ladies they find a flapper Holly Myers and Mavis and Mags after peer pressure from Mavis try some. Though mags notes the drug is cut with galena – radio crystals.

Under the powerful influence of the drugs the girls don’t cover themselves in glory

  • Mags harassing a crowd of youngesters with the joys of mathematical proofs
  • The pair starting an impromptu cricket game / food fight with a salmon tray and orange
  • Mags singing obscene sea shanties
  • Mavis attempting to seduce the governor & vomiting on his shoes
  • Mags attempting to rationalise the residence’s plumbing causing a flood

The pairs banging heads the next day are awoken by Captain Agatha who admonishes, advises them they won’t by playing next tour, are expected at nets and on 9 o clock curfew. Only their heroic efforts in Aden is stopping them being sent home.

After an exhausting nets session they wander the docks bumping into Flávio Bucci, the irascible Italian outfitter from Aden, following carefully they see him take photos of Royal Navy ships in harbour and them his film collected by an employee of the Italian Consulate. The surmise Bucci is an Italian spy.

Swiftly before dinner curfew they check out Shun Wu’s shop – it has a top of the line radio transmitter disguised as an old receiver and insider has many sundry bizarre nick-naks. The image below gives an idea.

Shun Wu proves to be a lithe well muscles diminutive Chinese woman with a pig tail. When asked about cocaine she asks what was the ‘ Fifth vice of the jade emperor ‘ and unhappy with the guesses shuts up shop.

3 comments on “Pink Gins & Googlies 3:1 Columbo Cocaine Adventure – Let’s have a Ball

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