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Pink Gins & Googlies : Tour Match 2 : Shiekh Mumabrak’s Harem

A trial broadcast from Lieutenants Beaunt & Boycott of HMS Thunderchild on the recent match.

“Good morning everyone and you join us at a very exciting days play at a somewhat makeshift pitch put on by Shiekh Mumabrak for this tour Match.”

Cranford Innings

“Well Captain Agatha has won the toss and put the Cranford Old Girls XI in to bat. They made steady progress but it was Gwendoline Devonshire who really made things come alive with a pantherish 31 until DJebar adjusted her length and drew both Devonshire and Carstairs-Lomax out their ground for a stumping in short order. ”

” It was just terrible batting my Grandma could have blocked that with a stick of rhubarb. No excuse for the lapse in concentration and dashing down the pitch like that. Just silly.”

“Well quite. The Arab bowling was very disciplined not a wide or no ball given in the whole match. 109-8”

Harem Innings

“Despite the heat and her having been bating to the end of the over Captain Agatha opened the bowling with Hettie Larwood paired with Mavis Winthorpe – two wickets falling to Mavis and catches in the slip cordon in the fourth over.”

” diabolical”

” perhaps though the locals rubs dried up into ex-Cranford old girl Jane Southerby made some rapid runs in the 15th and 16th overs includes a beautiful 2 off a short ball of Flashard rotating herself on strike before being caught in the 17th over”

” well it was just daft – she was set in nicely and then it all goes to her head – and it was a waste – the bowler Lady Lilly Bouchet was rattled had bowled two no balls and then she just thick edges it to Devonshire at silly point . Daft.”

“Rather. Well Stirling works by the home side tail was put in by Azar Saadwi within 18 runs and Fatima Nafisi on 16 the former deceived by the leg break of Edith Tremoux and the later by a long hop by Lady Bouchetz”


” perhaps – all in the locals scores 92 all out 15 runs and 2 wickets within the Cranford total with 4 overs to go which seems excellent for their inexperience.”

” I think we say something about the umpiring the RAF lads umpiring only gave no balls and wides against the visitors – I’m not saying they were intimidated but-”

” yes so moving swiftly on the game was very well played by both sets of ladies in the best spirit of the game. Lady of the match must be Kady Bouchet with 7 wickets ”


Cranford Innings

Abigail ‘smasher’ flashard 8 bowled Khalifeh

Agatha Graves 15 bowled DJebar

Mavis Winthorpe 15 bowled Kachachi

Gwen Devonshire 31 stumped Djebar

Carstairs – Lomax 12 stumped Djebar

Mags Hebblethwaite 4 stumped DJebar

Petra Harvey 13 stumped Saadawi

Contessa Lemichello 3 not out

Hettie Larwood 8 bowled last ball Saadawi


Harem XI

Jane Sotherby 20 caught Devonshire off Bouchet

Ghana Ashar 2 bowled Winthorpe

Radwa al-Sauman 0 caught Hebbelthwaite off Bouchet

Ahlam Djebar 9 caught hebbelthwaite off Bouchet

Assia Kachachia 1 bowled Larwood

Inaam Khaliefh 2 bowled Bouchet

Salnar Mornissi 5 bowled Bouchet

Fatema Nafisi 16 bowled Bouchet

Azar Saadawi 13 bowled Larwood

Maryjane Al-Shaukhn 18 bowled Bouchet

Hanan Satapi 2

2 wides 1 leg by

92 all out

Cranford win by 2 wickets

One comment on “Pink Gins & Googlies : Tour Match 2 : Shiekh Mumabrak’s Harem

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