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Pink Gins & Googlies 3:2 Columbo Cocaine Adventure – KMT Leg Theory

Following from their disgrace and investigations Mavis and Mags find themselves at dinner sat with Hettie and Petra Rebecca Lomax, a throughly modern woman. Both are up for helping with the investigation into Shun Wu’s curious Cocaine and the Italian espionage.

Determine to make an early morning constitutional part of their training and set off before breakfast to peer at Shun Wu’s radio transmitter. Whoever they notice the shop and by extension they are under observation by a young Chinese man in western dress outside s neighbouring chai / coffee house.

They too take up residence on the terrace outside the chai house. They note the man has a KMT (Chinese nationalist) star on his cigerette lighter. Hettie with her characteristic subtlety strikes up a conversation. The man whose name is Duong believes Shun committed a crime in Shanghai – if she repeats it here he’s to take her back for Chinese justice.

After some evasions and wheedling by the girls it seems the banks of Shanghai simply gave away money belonging to KMT generals. Their officials thought to be users of Shun Wu’s Cocaine. As it’s just after tax collection time I Ceylon Duong expects it to be her next target.

Mags disappointment in the pedestrian use of a world conquering technology gets sharp glances from her team mates.

Parting allies and having exchanged contact details they rush back for breakfast and nets.

They are tailed by middle class local man in western dress. He continues to observe them at nets. Mavis and Hettie propose a plan where hettie will bowl a blinder and Mavis flick it over so another girl can challenge him when retrieving the ball.

However disaster – rather than take the ball on the back foot and slog it Mavis goes forward for an ambitious sweep, misjudges it and it connects with her chin knocking her out cold for several hours (0 HP she could have died but if you will fumble.)

After practice while most of the team go on to visit an elephant orphanage. The girls head to question the Civil Servant Wilkes who Mags and Mavis met at the Ball. He works at the board of education. They are still followed by their ‘shadow.’

In suds he doesn’t understand their concerns thinking they are talking about misplaced exams or marking scandals however two things happen

  • Mags feels funny but manages to keep control of herself
  • Walked answers become very stock and as the ladies talk of going to the authorities he goes for a letter opener in his drawer.

Fortunately Hettie has an eye on him and smashed the draw close on his fingers causing him to pass out. Examining his eyes his whites have a bluish tinge an affliction that hasn’t affected Mags despite her sampling. Mavis on the other hand is still recovering in the hotel sick room.

Next week – is Duong an agent of justice ? Is Shun Wu’s plot so pedestrian ? Can the party animals resist the pull of blue cocaine …

One comment on “Pink Gins & Googlies 3:2 Columbo Cocaine Adventure – KMT Leg Theory

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