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GURPs Afternath Tenerife: a concept and an appeal

My GMing docket is full with ladies cricket & the 17thc-musketeer-1980s-game that shouldn’t be named but deserves a grognod.

HOWEVER if have a long standing desire to run a post-apocalyptic game set on the island of Tenerife. I think the fraught ecological balance of a holiday island, the tourist attractions – absorbed or changed into survivor communities and the varied terrain & climate of the island have a lot off potential. It would NOT be a gonzo SF more Aftermath style but using GURPs and tactically hard edged though the emphasis would be on community & exploration 20 years after the disaster.

I’d do a ‘pre-game’ with potential survivors during the actual disaster (I’m thinking club / hotel entertainers) till they get to a place of safety.

I’m being vague about the disaster as I’m going to get player input into that. I favour a limited nuclear/biological exchange & super computer virus collapsing the internet myself. I don’t want anything magical or SF.

Then fast forward 20 years & they play their communities kids reaching out to the island.


Two parts

Who’d be interested in playing (just an expression of interest now.)

And I’ve done research on potential communities for the island – would anyone like to be given one (for example the internationally ran mount tiede observatory ) and write up in a couple of paragraphs what it might be like as a community 20 years after a disaster ? Major NPCs, how it survives, defences, Adventure seeds

worried be bit samey if I did them all

Thanks and regards – offers to my email, social media if you know me or pick up in the comments


One comment on “GURPs Afternath Tenerife: a concept and an appeal

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