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Pink Gin & Googlies 3:3 Gremlin Submarine shuffle & Minty Balls

Having found Wilks under some sort of mind control the girls return for dinner – with Mavis out of the picture they confide in Edith Tremoux, Belgian fly slip fielder. Together they decide to break into Shun Wu’s shop snd investigate her transmitter.

With Mavis keeping look out the girls slip away after dinner.

With some bungling and a bunk up by Hettie, Edith scales the antenna but plummets crashing through a sky light. While that goes on, Petra and Hettie try and distract Shun Wu but she has none of it, unleashing thugs on the ladies while investigating the back.

In a bout of fisticuffs the heroines bring the hoodlums low – Hettie hurling bronze buddhas & phantasm balls into the melee. Meanwhile in the back Edith is confronted by a scaled feline eyed mohawked monkey creatured operating the transmitter. Distracting him with Uncle Joe’s mintballs she is able to fathom the machine and pinch spare parts. Her efforts to trip Shun Wu with Wigan’s finest confectionary fails and she scales up the antenna across the wall and into a waiting rickshaw which the slight Mags speeds up the hill with surprising alacrity.

Hettie and Petra come and out and engage the Chinese woman in fisticuffs but her skill and strength is formidable and they dive off the promontory into the harbour to escape with their lives. Hettie sploshing into the water hobnail boots first.

Slipping & dripping back into the hotel Edith & Megs fashion portable jammer for the mind control radio made out of the spare parts, two cricket stumps & a cricket bat wrapped in wire with energy pulsing up it as a antenna.

The morning brings a mighty rumble of vans towards the docks. Sundry commandeered vehicles with Ceylon police and army riding on the running boards head towards docks.

Borrowing bikes from hotel the gals hot wheel it down to the docks in hot pursuit. At the docks at the jamming device comes into range they find the British officials dazed and confused with bemused indigenous NCOs looking for clarity.

The officials refuse to admit any loss of control to the Ladies pretending this was an exercise. Hettie spots a periscope in the harbour and the chaos is cut by an Chinese dragon decorated submarine erupting from the waters – with purple spouting grenades issuing from smoke dispensers on the coning tower. It knocks out many of the police, army and crew of the navy ships in harbour.

The girls manage to evade the knockout smoke – Edith helping Petra. As gas masked gunmen appear on deck Hettie and Petra pick up rifles from unconscious police and cover for Mags who runs for a crane. Edith meanwhile plugs the jamming device into a sub station on the docks to boost it – the signal boost sets Shun Wu’s broadcaster and shop on fire.

Petra gets shot repeatedly with her and Hettie picking off guards. Edith rallies awake police and army to join in. This buys time for Mags to operate the Crane, instinctively swinging it back as for as for a boundary catching the sub under the keel with the hook and flipping it up and over in a backflip capsize. With the ports open on the submarine it fills and sinks. The day is saved.

Naturally a cover of an exercise is used to cover the authorities embarrassment. Duong is found nearly dead in Shun Wu’s abandoned shop. We will let Lee who played Petra sum things up.

Dear All,

Colombo frightfully hot.

Some of the girls and I helped stop a robbery, at the docks!

Got a teeny bit shot, three times. Just scratches, nothing to worry about, stitches come out in a week.

Tour moves on to India soon.

Much love,




One comment on “Pink Gin & Googlies 3:3 Gremlin Submarine shuffle & Minty Balls

  1. […] then note the transit logs and see two of the ‘yachts’ where fir a Doctor Vulcan and a Shun Wu! Have they found the origin of the villains submarines ? The games afoot […]

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