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Pink Gins & Googlies: Tour Match Sisters of Mercy IX

” Good Evening everyone this Mr Roifield Smyth of the Ceylon Colonial Wireless Service to bring you a summary of a most unusual cricket match.

The curious covenant of the Sisters of Mercy met the ladies of the Cranford Old Girls XI in an exciting match. As well as begins a ladies match this game featured other innovations. It was played in the afternoon into evening illuminated by floodlights provided by the Sisters. Furthermore as Cranford we’re playing with 9 players due to a discipline ban the Sisters as good sports agreed to also play with 9 players with each side batting 30 overs.

The visitors won the toss and as is Captain Lady Agatha Greyson’s want elected to bat first. A surprise on a sticky wicket which seemed to favour the bowlers.

First innings

Lady Agatha held up on end. While ‘Smasher’ Flashard held up another end until run out in the 26th over. Notable was the 16 extras in the short match and sloppy wicket keeping – the Wicket keeper Sister Pamela seemingly scared by the shape made by the nails and middle stump and hanging well back from them even to slow bowlers. though 4 runs cape from Sister Sylvia bowling an aggressive bouncer that clearer the Flashard’s head and on to the boundary.

Lady Agatha Grayson 41 bowled Sister Sylvia

Smasher Flashard 29

Gwendolyn Devonshire 1

Deborah Carstairs-Lomax 1


Second Innings

The home team happier as night gathered entered the field with renewed vigour. However it was soon driven home like a wooden stake who was the better side:

  • Superb fielding in the 3rd and 4th overs dried up runs and dismissed both openers caught
  • The after slow scoring by the Sisters, Hettie Larwood the Notts scholarship girl secured a runout of Sister Pamela, Sister Santanico caught by Edith Tremoux and due to confused call by Sister Bella a runout of Sister Akasha at the opposite end.
  • It was then a simple matter to mop up the remaining batswomen.
  • A telling sign of the difference in quality between the two sides is only 1 wide was given by the visitors all match.

Sister Drusilla 4 c Patrica Harvey off Lady Bouchet

Sister Carmilla 3 c Patrica Harvey off Lady Bouchet

Sister Akasha 18 run out by Contrssa Lemichello

Sister Selene 1 bowled Hettie Larwood

Sister Pamela 6 runout Gwendoline Devonshire

Sister Santanico c Edith Tremoux b Hettie Larwood

Sister Bella 8 not out

Sister Sylvia 0 c Edith Tremoux b Lady Bouchet

Josette 2 b Lady Bouchet

Extras 1 wide

43 all out

Cranford Ladies College Old Girks won by 45 runs.

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