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Pink Gins & Googlies 4:1 Bombay Murders

” MAN OVERBOARD!” Goes the cry as the SS Duncan carrying out lady cricketers turns into Bombay harbour.

Quick witted Batswoman Gwendoline Devonshire, Edith Tremoux, and Bowler Hettie Larwood rush to respond. As the racing steamer has left the bleeding body in the waters – sharks circling they launch a lifeboat. Despite inept rowing they get close enough for Gwen to dive into the waters. As she freestyles through the choppy waters Hettie delivers a lightening fast ball on the conk on the lead shark driving it off and blocking the path of other beast while Gwen rescues the inert lost soul.

But Shock! Horror ! The prone form Gwen slumps on the deck of the lifeboat – swiftly following with sharks snapping at her heels is none other than Flávio Bucci ! – the Italian spy encountered at Aden and Columbo.

He is covered in parallel rough incisions in threes and fours. Getting him aboard ship the heavy drinking ship surgeon confirms he’s dead.

Searching the bodies the ladies find a notebook written in cypher, a low calibre beretta pistol and a cigarette case with a match book from his Columbo hotel with CPI? Written in it .

The Duncan pulls into harbour. The Bombay police come on board led by Inspector Cronin. While the police do an initial investigation the ladies wait, eventually the whole Cricket team is called into the dining room. Cronin has read Bucci’s diary and he recorded the enmity with members of the cricket team – the Inspector advises none of the Cranford ladies to leave town.

At their hotel the two waste no time looking into Flávio. He’s not staying at their hotel, Watson’s, but he has booked the Raglan suite there. For a bribe they secure the booking and hide in the room waiting to see who comes to the meeting Flávio had arranged ….


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