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Pink Gins & Googlies 4:2 Hunting the Big Cat

On the back foot with the arrest of Gwen Hettie and Edith go to Mags Hebbelthwaite and Mavis Winthorpe and enlist their aid in dealing with murderous big cat.

Hettie brings them up to speed aggrieved at the cheeky wink the were- panther gave here as escorting the hotel with the police. They formulate a plan

  • The enlist team Captain Agatha Gregson to get Gwen a lawyer.
  • Send Mags and Mavis in to barrack the police
  • Hettie and Edith to carry on investigations & preparations for hunting the Cat woman.

At the police station Inspector Cronin takes no time in berating the ‘Columbo drug fiends’ for interfering in the case. When Mags calls him an apparatchik he accuses her of being a Bolshevik and the girls leave convinced he is under the thrall of the feline femme fatale.

At the murder scene Edith examines the claw marks in the woodwork and confirms are the same as those in Flávio Bucci’s body. This sparks something and heads to the library. Using Hettie for fetching and carrying she finds out of the cat people of Serbia – occult resistance to the Turkish using the power of the devil and their weaknesses to the cross and silver.

They secure a supply of cat nip and using the Roumanian dart air gun they got – get silver darts made together with buying a Lancaster Howrah pistol and webleys.

Outside the police station chatting to a water walker they find out the cat woman was picked up by a expensive car with two men. Reuniting the girls get Edith to hire urchins and they find the car at the Brummer warehouse by the docks. Spying on it the ladies are spotted and four motorcycle combinations speed out – the passengers firing pistols.

The girls scramble up cargo nets of dockside cargo to escape being run over. Outnumbered more than. 2-1 (Edith having been taken unwell) they dive into the docks and swim to safety.

So the Panther cannot be bearded in its den and Gwen’s innocence is yet unproven. What a sticky wicket ! What are the Gals to do ? Find out next week on Pink Gins & Googlies …

One comment on “Pink Gins & Googlies 4:2 Hunting the Big Cat

  1. […] the other girls have rough stuff at the docks we turn out attention to Gwen in the Western Ladies wing of the women’s prison. She smells […]

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