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Pink Gins & Googlies 4:4 Bombay Bungalow Straw Dogs

With Edith and Mavis taken unwell Hettie, Gwen and Mags brash abs brush their way pash Rosa Mukhergi’s Guards into her bungalow and offer their help.

They decide to take the other surviving communist Ghulam Hussain and his family in with — furnish her bungalow as a fort.

Defences Megs fashions include

  • Net traps to fall from the curtain rails
  • A flame thrower stove
  • Glee molasses sticky tar
  • Sawn floorboards for our traps
  • A loft space falling rubble trap
  • A cat nip grenade

They wait playing gin rummy and get a call telling them the Ghulam’s house has been raised by bikers and big cats. They wait. The bikes roar up. Meg’s hears scrambling at the back door while the bikers come at the front.

Gwen gets involved in a shootout get injured with the lead biker. Meg’s flame throwers the. Cat but it keeps coming. Hettie stops seeing leather clad bikers smash through the windows escaping the net traps and shoots it out with them.

Meg’s releases her lift trap but the rocks fall on her – she hurls a ornament shouting grenade to confuse the heavies as a second wave come through and Hettie turns to face the werepanther with the silver needle gun.

Gwen dashes round too fanning bullets at the panther but missing for fear of hitting Hettie. Hettie manages to hit the beast with the silver darts but the Cat persons claws and Hettie parries with the silver gun which is rendered in half.

The gun men shoot freely at Gwen wounding her and she dives into the kitchen for cover.

Megs finds the cat nip grenade and bouncing it off the werepanther ‘s shoulder distracts it and it leaps into the sawn floorboards being stuck giving Het and Gwen and chance to get in free blows.

Gwen takes more shots from the guards which the panther turns and leaps clawing wounding hettie who continues to blaze away with her Howrah pistol though the beast heals normal bullet wounds quickly.

Meg’s rushes into the room where the Indian communists, families and guards are sheltering but fails to rally them to attack.

Gwen deciding their host must have middle class aspirations rummages and finds a silver dinning set – launching a fork like a corky at off stump into the werepanther’s eye. The beast’s fur shrinks, muscle drops and she drops into her human form.

Hettie turns around with her smoking Howrah pistol shouting ‘ oi scarper !’ To the bikers who leg it.

The girls scarier before the rozzers arrive having saved the family

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