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Lunchtimelairs B&B3&5 Blazing Presses

Week 7 in the election campaign and the party as the ‘money for everyone’ party hire a prostitute who books a room in the drovers hotel. They then charm Mayor Cassidy of the rival Law and Order party to murder her while Seneca is being interviewed by Parker of the Promise City Herald at the same hotel.

The horrible callous little shits.

Seneca and Jirard rush in accusations flying. Moloch is sent to get the Marshal. The Mayor throwing off the charm attacks Jirard who deftly dodges and backs off out the room slamming the door.

Mayor Cassidy bars the door with a chair – smashes the window, leaping and escaping.

Moloch fetches the Marshal but is arrested and bound when the Mayor arrives complaining of being magicked. The other player characters turn up as do supporters of both sides with accusations and barracking on each sides until a rock is thrown at Jirard and a riot breaks out. As the Marshal and Mayor are quite tough the party retreat to the gay lady with Parker.

There as well as the murder they lay the caravan plot on Parker putting the evidence down to a mole in the Silverbell office. They then head to the driver hotel and get the county Sheriff and Judge hanging Nat with this evidence.

The judge won’t interfere with the election. He does want to see the news printed, but with the riot win by the law and order they control the streets. The Judge has written to the local Militia to get a troop of mounted militia to keep the peace but the Judge, Sheriff Hunter, Parker and PCs go to the Promise City Herald to print the story.

Mayor and Marshall put a guard on but Moloch snuck up and at knife point tied the heavy who was to blow a whistle to draw further muscle from Cassidy’s nearby lumberyard. The noise of the printing would attract he heavies so the ‘heroes’ fortify the newspaper office.

  • Farquhar is on the roof with boiling lead, cutouts of archers and heavy tools to drop.
  • Moloch also on roof to fire
  • Seneca on mezzanine floor to fire
  • Jirard, Romula and Hector defending the doors / windows
  • Blegrim in the water trough breathing through a straw ready to leap out and attack people.

Farqhaur engages the Marshal in threats the cut outs scarring his hired barvos. The Marshal climbs up dodging molten led and Farqhaur runs but moloch smashes Molotov cocktails setting the Marshal ablaze so he falls off the roof. He kills the flames but rallies his men revealing the cut outs.

The mob rushes the building – Blegrim rushes up from the water trough attacking the Marshal , Farqhaur ineffectually throws things and Seneca joins Molochs in sniping on the Marshal.

Meanwhile the defenders engage the attackers.

After a brutal fight the Marshal is hurt and runs but is shot and killed in the back by Seneca. The heavies glee. The Mayor stands and fights but retreats to his lumber yard. By dawn the mounted militia arrive and end up defending the lumber mill from an angry mill inflamed by the Promise City Herald hot of the presses.

With seeming two law and order candidates off the bill the elections looking very interesting going into week 8…..


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