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Am I becoming a one trick pony ?

I had a moment of revelation running the most recent episode of #lunchtimelairs – I have run a lot of PCs under siege games in the style of the burning of Nijal or Assault on precinct 13.

Now far greater creators than me have fallen back on these tropes such as the Troughton ‘base under siege’ years of Doctor Who. There are great strengths – the PCs can show wit and initiative in defence, the turtling instinct of players is boxed off and it’s quite easy to manage pacing which is important when playing in short spots at lunch or online.

Bizarrely I’ve bit really used the trope of the siege in Cheshire Pendragon PBEM!

However I do feel I should flex other muscles so a little brain dump on other action scenes/tropes I should call on

  • Hostage rescue
  • Heist or burglary (lots of traps)
  • Car/horse/boat chases
  • Fights on speeding vehicles (planes / trains / mining wagons)
  • Assassinations
  • Long cons
  • Melee / bare knuckle tournaments
  • Prison drama
  • Commando raid
  • Pitched battle
  • Country house murder

Any other suggestions ?

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