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Conjourers Club Lecture: the Union Of the Greater Goblin Empire

The Conjuror’s Club is a ramshackle club for magic users in Thiefstown which holds lectures on the night of a new moon for its members here is a recent lecture inspired by a recent lunchtime Lairs** adventure.

An aged wizard called Kaos with salt and pepper hair marches on stage.

” listen up – this threat assessment was give to the acting Governor. He wasn’t interested. Too busy with the aftermath of the poultry riots and the Hersey crisis. I think we need to harness our magical energies to this new threat.

A number if our brethren and sisters have had experiments ruined or spied upon by assistants. Many when killed despite human appearance turned out to have orc biology.

I have through my Flying Monkey programme identified these are agents for a power north of the great desert called the Union of the Greater Goblin Empire (UGGE.)

This is no wild tribe of goblins or orcs you have encountered threatening a village or caravan on the frontier. This is a systematic Union of tribes brought together under the iron first of an Imperial clan some 100 years ago.

The martial heritage of the Goblin races is now conscripted into an imperial military. Tribes are broken up and troops selected into units on ability :

  • The best go into the elite Griffin cavalry who act as scouts, commandos and airborne troops.
  • The next go into the warg cavalry – wolf riding shock troops.
  • Then there is the Huscarls – horse riding infantry who ride to battle but fight on foot.
  • Then the Shock Infantry who have artillery and engineers
  • The Garrison Infantry who occupy towns.
  • The Navy
  • very bright but unsuitable for officer positions can selected as a Intelligencer of the Goblin Office of Recognisance (IGOR)

These troop types are typically organised in a triangular fashion for example an invasion army which usually feature:

1 Assault Corps

  • A lead division of 1 hippogriff & 2 warg brigades
  • 2 huscarl divisions of 1 warg & 2 huscarl brigades

2 Shock Infantry Corps each of

  • 1 Huscarl division (as above)
  • 2 shock Infantry divisions of 1 huscarl brigade and 2 shock Infantry brigades

Then a suitable number of garrison Infantry divisions with independent huscarl battalions for occupation and line of supply duties.

Here’s the bad news – just such a force appears to poised north of the great desert above the sulphur valley spring valley.

The Griffin airborne seize bridges, tunnels and small towns. The wargs power through bypassing any serious resistance with the huscarls dismounting to engage determines enemy forces. Should a sustained siege be needed that is given to the Shock divisions but if it looks like it will delay the assault and give initiative to the enemy then Garrison forces are called up to pin down opponents while the mobile units drive on.

These UGGE units make integral use of magic users and clerics. Their battalions are made of alternate companies of archers and spear or Lance troops well drilled I all manner of tactical formations.

I suspect they’ll attack shortly from what my spies tell me. As the Governors not prepared to defend the frontier we should assemble a force if wizards, warlocks, witches and sorcerers to do so …

Heh … where’s everybody going … heh come back …. ‘


One comment on “Conjourers Club Lecture: the Union Of the Greater Goblin Empire

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