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Pink Gins & Googlies Tour Match: Bombay Fagins Ladies College v Cranford Old Girls Touring XI

A thrilling 30 overs match was played between a local ladies college and visitors from England. We asked from comments from Chair of the State Cricket board and Indigo plantation magnate Mr Vaughan.

i thought the local girls batted with great disciple and resolve after the openers fell. Vartha looked really dangerous until she took a hit on the thumb from Bouchet and then she was a shadow of her former shelf. Kamini hit 12 off Larwood in the 5th over that really scraped them out off a hole. It was Smasher Flashard and Gregson that dried up the runs – causing impatience which caused two run outs in the 22nd over.

The visitors showed overconfidence but also enjoyed boisterous support from local railway workers and urchins for some reason. I think the support helped the northern workhorses of Larwood and the Contessa Lemichello (who I understand used to work the Liverpool empire) get them over the line and after many flimsy southern lasses misplayed the bowl earlier in the innings. That’s not to deny good tight bowling by the Indian, a great catch in the deep and a couple of stumping when Ravean just flighted balls tempting the batters forward off their ground. I think experience in depth won out.


1st Innings

Mithra Kaur 0 b Larwood

Thirush Raj 3 LBW Bouchet

Mona Karmini 36 LBW Flashard

Poonam Vartha 11 run out off Flashard (Tremoux taking bails)

Jemimah Raut 2 run out off Flashard (Hebbeltwaite taking bails)

Latika Verna 22 not out

Sushma Kuman 10 not out


2nd Innings

‘Smasher’ Flashard 0 bowled Jhulan Ravean

Mavis Winthorpe 5 stumped off. Ravean (Kamini wicket keeper)

Gwen Devonshire 2 stumped as above

Agatha Gregson 18 bowled Deepti Pendeeg

Megs Hebblethwaite 7 bowled Pendeeg

Petra Harvey 9 caught in deep Thirush Raj off Anuja Bharti

Deborah Carstairs-Lomax 20 bowled Mona Kumari

Contessa Lemichello 10 not out

Hettie Larwood 10 not out

Extras 2 leg byes 2 wides

85 win by 1 run


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