Pink Gins & Googlies 5:2 Zeppelin Death Volcano Peril

The four ladies of Cranford Ladies College Old Girl XI Empire & America Touring Team sheltering in the French sky pirate volcano blue dome base:

  • Mavis Winthrope (Old Scouser Roleplaying) – awkward number 3 bat
  • Edith Tremoux (Stubber) – Belgian genius former spy
  • Margret ‘Mags’ Hebblethwaite (Matt) – a scholarly type
  • Hettie Larwood (Andy H) – scholar girl and fast bowler

Decide on a plan, they exit the dome and shiny up the zeppelin tethers (we all learnt about zeppelin bends) and picked the lock into the bridge gondola. Once onboard they heard footsteps and snuck into a nearby room – turns out to be the Captain’s wardroom.

Searching his desk and bookshelf they uncover the following things:

  • The crew and their training is global
  • Several have done stints in a Force d’Space including ‘project deadelus’
  • Project Orpheus – is a project to colonise other dimensions. The US ship has a exhibition of Romano-British artifices including a sword called Skyfallen which is the final artefact needed to open the portal.
  • The general point of divergence for L’Empire du Monde was when a French party crashed a buried spaceship into the Sphinx during napoleon’s invasion of Egypt. The reverse engineering technology allowing Napoleon to conquer the world.

As the ladies chatter there is a knock at the door – in rushes a lieutenant with a ray gun who they overpower and incapacitate. Lieutenant Malfleur refuses to give any secrets and Mavis despatches him with a clock on the head with a bust of Napoleon.

As they continue to debate their next move they hear another voice in the corridor and drag the enlisted man in. He freely shares with girls the Orpheus running numerous reconnaissance and survey missions – planning to find a colony world to conquer. Why ? Because their Earth is under alien attack – not from crocodile men but an alliance of other aliens with a meteor dropped on Benos Aires.

The aircraftsman is very relaxed to say this he considers the girls doomed. They can hear s siren sounding from the prison camp bing and gag the prisoner and march to the bridge.

Storming the bridge they disarm the crew though Edith is bashed with a sextant by a navigator. Ditching the prisoners overboard “it’s only 50 foot down the rocky side of a volcano’ Edith supercharged a point defence death ray for Hettie and Meg’s over rides the engine controls. Mavis bars and blocks the doors using officer swords to wedge it shut.

Hettie then blasts the dome and circling French planes. Meg’s lines up the Zep to ram the volcano. Mavis holds the door shut while Edith unscrews the map table from the floor as a further barricade. Then as Mavis holds the door Edith notices French crew climbing along the side of the gondola to board and sprays a fire extinguisher to try and discourage them.

From a safe height they use parachutes all but one landing injured. Disastrously while the zeppelin crashes in flame it misses the dome. The hounds of search parties ring out. The mists around the island start to clear. The girls may have delayed invasion but can they still save the world ?

3 comments on “Pink Gins & Googlies 5:2 Zeppelin Death Volcano Peril

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