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Pink Gins & Googlies: Tour Match Onedin Line Singapore office social club Ladies XI

A rare tour upset today in the beautiful surroundings of the Onedin Line Social Club cricket ground in Singapore. The touring ladies of the Cranford Ladies college old girls XI become unstuck perhaps rattled by their recent experiences of piracy.

Despite some very expensive extras by the home side the visitors wickets tumbled and they never really made hay. Captain Gregson being unlucky in the 5th over to duck a bouncer and cloche hat slip off hitting the stumps. Too many dry spells typified by Carstairs-Lomax seeing drives slowing the long field and abandoning runs that had looked like certain fours. The home fielding being a well honed machine.

In contrast when the visitors bowled they didn’t bleed extras but their fielding let them down. The home team played tight when then had to but then they saw spades had overs where they scored 8 or 11 runs easily. The frustration showing on the visitors used to victories over weaker home sides.

First Innings Cranford Ladies Old girls touring XI

Agatha Gregson 4 out hat on wicket Gorshaw

Winthorpe 6 LBW Neascome

Devonshire 3 caught Urqheart b Neascome

Flashard 11 Run our Urqheart b Neascome

Carstairs-Lomax 16 not out

Hebblethwaite 20 caught Rolfe b Gorshaw

Harvey 3 not out

Extras 7 wides 6 Leg byes

Total 76-5

Second innings Onedin Line Singapore office social club Ladies XI

Howard 23 bowled Bouchet

Howard-DuPont 30 caught Tremoux bowled Larwood

Rolfe 14 not out

Grey 10 not out

Extras 2 leg byes 3 wides


Onedin Line win by 3 runs

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