Pink Gins & Googlies 6:2 out of the frying pan

As the girls are besieged by the angry family of Yowies after the previous adventures Hettie fends then off with a revolver while Edith and Meg’s search the shack. Poor Mavis bumps her head on some debris and is knocked out (Neil couldn’t make it.)

Edith finds some oil and bottles and fashions Molotov cocktails. Meg find under a bed on coasters a trap door. Going down they find a charnel house of yowie skins – and indeed human skins – looking like aboriginal children and white runaways. The hunters who own the shack are more terrible creatures than the wild animals outside.

They also find some chemicals. Using Meg’s scholar ability they fashion them into a crude ticket attached to the bed and WHOOSH!

They shoot off smashing out the shack and narrowly avoiding losing a passenger twisting their body weight like a sledge drive down the road towards Perth.

As the rocket bed runs out of juice they run into a truck with four gun toting hunters – two in the cabin and two on the flatbed.

Establishing these are clearly the hunters Hettie shoots out the headlights and Edith throws a Molotov’s one to cover the girls as they flank into the bus and another on the flatbed. Then Meg’s sneaks into the empty cabin and reserves swiping the brutes with her the open doors.

Hettie finishes one with her revolver and Edith gives a Yowie cry- the stunned hunter is dragged into the bush as the girls speed to Perth on the flaming truck.


Back in Perth having sorted things out with authorities the girls take a walk around the harbour. They spot a fenced off shipyard – Alpaca Lords. Asking around they find it builds luxury yachts for rich clients – though no one from the city seems to work there and the boats launch at night. Speaking to the harbour master then note the transit logs and see two of the ‘yachts’ where fir a Doctor Vulcan and a Shun Wu! Have they found the origin of the villains submarines ? The games afoot ?

2 comments on “Pink Gins & Googlies 6:2 out of the frying pan

  1. […] The adventurous ladies of the Crawford Old Girls touring XI determine to investigate the Perth Ship yard Alpaca Lords which seems to supply submarines to super villains. […]

  2. […] Entering a upward curbing corridor they explore – finding a central column where submarines are being constructed with a central hub and wiring. Jumping on to the sub – Edith determines the hub is in fact a child brain and these are the submarines exported to the likes or Von Vulcan and Shun Wu on the surface […]

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