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Lunchtime Lairs: suggested battlecries for the Legion Of Liverpool Legends

I asked on twitter and Facebook

The avengers say ‘avengers assemble the teen titans ‘teen titans go!’ – what should the league of Liverpool legends battle cry be ?

I got the following suggestions* – which one while make print (play ?)

  • Wes dead boss like
  • Legends, gives it toes
  • Legends pile in !
  • Come ‘ed kiddas
  • Le’go
  • Pudjump
  • Oo are ya! Oo are ya !
  • Come ‘ed soft lads
  • Go ed arr kid
  • Geg in, laa
  • Ah G’wan la

Given the slangy nature of these we might need a new hero like Aldfella (a Wirral Odin?or Northgate Ninja to join the team ….

We also have a few more regional British (Yorkshire) superteams (heroes?) suggested by Tom on twitter

  • The Royal Rotherham Rollekers (to me, to you)
  • The Barnsley Badgers
  • The Strong Old Sheffield Steelers
  • Diago and his Donnie Dancers (Doncaster)
  • Ole abs his wheelers (by Stephen)

*more shockingly scousist suggestions have been missed out and names taken.

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