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Marvel Superhero Kids: defeating Doc Orlanth

Power Princess & Techno are relaxing in the Dolphin Palace, their secret headquarters when they take a call that Doc Orlanth is destroying all the ships in Potion Town harbour.

Doc Orlanth got his bum kicked by the heroes mainly through Power Girls water powers and Techno’s fighting ability this afternoon – Potion Town is safe !

However Techno’s battle suits psionic detection confirmed Doc Orlanth was under mental control and he locates the source to Portion Tower.

Racing there Power Girl uses water powers to hurl techno into the villan’s suite by riding a fountain spout. The mind controller is none other than the sinister Mr Goose.

While Techno battles Power Princess acquires bread and races to join him. Getting there she throws the bread down distracting the goose (the kids might like Professor Elemental’s Squrl rather a lot) capturing the villain.

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