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Lunchtime Lairs: MSH FASERIP Liverpool Legion Of Legends 2# Battle of Victoria

The Williamson phone – sounds a blue figure is trying to destroy the Queen Elizabeth courts and must be stopped. (Boss Banana is out of town)

Danger Dan tries to glide jut gets stuck on the top of the strand shopping centre. The noise of the Triadcopter rescuing him fro its roof provides plenty of ammunition for community group Bootle Residents Againist Noisy Super Heroes (BRANSH)

Zipping too the town centre which is covered by storm clouds they see the curious creature on the Victoria monument bringing lightening onto the Courts.

The diety (for it is Doc Orlanth) brings down the triadcopter with a lightening bolt and it crashes in chevasse park. Danger Dan having already glided to the roof of Graham house launches himself at the gloranthan god striking him down with a drop kick!

Boreas fails to call his canine companions and Bugbear whacks the pompous psychopomp with her staff.

The battle rages with gloranthan fighting wanting to get to the courts to punish Mr Goose who mind controlled him & who’s trial had been moved from potion town.

The rampaging storm being has caused fire in a nearby cafe but Danger Dan uses his time powers to kill the blaze and rescue civilians.

As conflict continues with Bugbears faerie armour sucking up the magical damage, Boreas dashed into the court knocking out Mr Goose and ‘borrowing’ his power restrainers. Exciting the court he threw them to danger Dan who using his wrestling moves got them on the Doc. Reduced to his mild mannered runequest doctor form as he’s ‘ cut off from the gods plane’ he falls unconscious.

Of course Boreas contempt of court cannot be allowed to stand and he appears at Bootle police station. With the mitigating circumstances he is allowed to plea down and the god of the north wind must at as a security guard at the law courts every Thursday for a year. Complete with itchy nato jumper and peaked cap.

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