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Devacon III 2019

Enjoyed my third year at Devacon. Their was a delay starting due to a tech error with the ticket list but I signed up to a Firefly Game ran by Cath Finnigan.


Down on our luck, our freighter crew needed a big score to make ends meet. Fortunately (?) an opportunity to steal classified info from an Alliance rest & recuperation facility/casino during the Unification Day Ball.

I played the smooth talking mechanic / hacker and disguised as a maintenance man (and later catering staff) was ‘on point’ for much of the scenario.

Naturally things didn’t go quite to plan with our target being switched, Alliance entanglements & a desperate escape persuaded by Alliance fighters.

Excellent fun!

Cross of Iron Bru

Next up was me GMing Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes in the Very British Civil War 1938 background. This was a sequel to last years the ‘Liverbird has landed.’ The rescued George Formby’s intelligence revealed the Royalists were looking to invade the Isle of Man to cut off supplies to rebel forces.

Only a rag tag bunch of mismatched pilots could defend the island.

There where a lot of widgets to manage in this game (and I lost a pre gen somewhere ) but it worked well with

  • Intense air to air battles
  • Dealing with the Manx
  • Pilot rivalries (fun watching them count their kills)
  • Bombing raids
  • Protecting a convoy as their supplies where desperately low

– while four heroes died (and one ditched and flew again the Isle of Man and freedom was saved. Fairweather & Samson in particular remembered for taking on 18 fighters so Porco Rosso could take out torpedo bombers attacking the convoy.)

Flashing Blades – Grand Marksmenship Tourney / Scavenger Hunt

Finally Flashing Blades & a chance to roleplaying with Carl off Twitter. This was the same combination of scenarios I ran at virtual grogmeet.

It went pretty well – with some different solutions & some roguish behaviour I think the session being the end of a long day had an effect on concentration a little. The tourney went quite well and Scavenger Hunt took quite a vicious turn with arson & dueling halberds. Again a testament to the lateness of the hour I guess.

My timings where off so if I do that combo again I might have a third encounter/scenario built in.


I had a excellent day and it was good to see so many online or former DevaCon friends. The gaming was good and there is tweaks I can make to my own games to improve. Always learning.

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