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Lunchtime Lairs: MSH FASERIP Liverpool Legion Of Legends 3# Get off ya horse and drink ya milk

Our heroes awake – their triad headquarters is trashed – Liverpool is smoking hole, the city is covered in undergrowth and corpses.

Exploring they find no car is older than 1985 and looking in an abandoned Safeway’s find a newspaper from 1985 ‘ PRESIDENT WAYNE THREATENS SOVIETS’

They determine they are in an alternate timeline and have been saved by destruction (for now) by Danger Dan’s time field.

Heading to Bootle library they find out the following

  • John Wayne became President
  • Ronald Reagan rather than John Wayne died of cancer in 1979
  • Ronald Reagan rather than Wayne starred in the Conqueror. A 1956 genghis Khan biopic filmed by nuclear test grounds which many cast and crew died of cancer.
  • Both actors when represented by famous Hollywood agent Kevin Ang (or K.Ang)
  • Bootle library’s very good on 1950s Hollywood

Jumping in a Delorean (Wayne saves the company) they use Danger Dan’s time Power and jump to… 1919 Mexico ! After an altercation with rebels they jump again. But Bugbear disappears the new timeline is penetrating Dan’s time bubble.

This time in 1952 Hollywood. They find Kevin Ang’s mansion and failing to con their way in assault the place battling past laser beam firing Greek god statues. Boreas makes an ice prism that reflects their death rays exploding them.

Boss Banana ‘kook-aids’ the mansion wall and they burst in – shot at by a butler with a starro on its face. After a brief fight Dan wrestles him and removes the mind control parasite.

The victim is Alfred Pennyworth from 1985 – no doubt one of Kang’s trophies. As they debate the master of the house comes in dropping his 50s disguise they find themselves battling Kang.

The Liverpool Legends throw everything they can but find the Time Master’s forcefield too tough. Eventually with Dan and Boreas retreating with Alfred, Boss Banana brings the house down – Samson like on him and the tyrant both. As they claw out the rubble the council robot manages to slap the starro on Kang and while he’s stunned bind him in 50s plumbing.

Bugbear returns – the timeline is restored and they return to 2020. The UNIT helicopter that collects Stang (the starro Kang cross) causing further noise complaints from Bootle residents.

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