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Lunchtime lairs Marvel FASERIP: Legion of Liverpool Legends 6# Day at the Museum

Boreas and Danger Dan responding to the Williamson phone here of a panic at the World museum Liverpool. While Dan glides BoreS speeds on a Triad-bike (trike) to the scene where Merseyside’s finest are surrounding the building they’ve evacuated. Speaking to museum goers they report scary figures with electric eyes. The police ok the legends checking out the site.

Entering the ground floor they are attacked by the small dinosaur model in the main hall – Boreas fires ice balls causing it to slip and Dan wrestles it they then grab a tray of chicken from the nearby cafe and lure it into the peak locks – capturing it.

They get a lift up to the Egyptian floor when the electric eyes where seen. Sneaking in with Dan using his light manipulation to hide them they see the large statues of sekumet animated on patrol with sparks erupting from their eyes .

Sneaking past them they found a strange man in tweed stealing various artefacts and putting them in automated tray following him about. Dan attacks and the man pulls dust from his pocket and animates a load of shabati (miniature servants) who lay into Dan.

Boreas failing to raise any dogs to his side runs past the lioness goddesses into the world cultures exhibit gets a sword and is smashed and knocked out. Dan falling under Shabati attack uses his time power to snap back when they first saw the man.

They pickpocket his top pocket of magic dust and sprinkle it on his suit. Boreas through sheer will animates the suit and takes it off the villain ‘professor tweed’ reconfiguring it at a tweed leotard for Danger Dan.

Handing Professor Tweed who was stealing to order to the authorities they return to Triad by riding the animated Superlambananna. Dan takes a complaint from pension Fred over how the Legends only deal with city centre crime which as the conversation evolves results in Dan getting a pensioner side kick – Fearsome Fred !

Tweed Leotard

A Faerie piece of costume which generates an endless supply of magic dust which will animate models or statutes which will operate at the command of the wearer. They will have appropriate skills at remarkable ie Beatle statues music, earl of beaconsfield oratory , liverbirds flight & claws, superlambanana running etc

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