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Pink Gins & Googlies 7: 3 Liberty for Suborea !

Need Kelley takes the girls to his tribe – past their numerous defensive traps to their hidden caves. There they are taken to the Jolly Old Swagman leader of the tribe who wears captured molemen re-breathers abs other kit as jewellery.

Need explains the ladies of the Cranford Ladies College old girls touring XI have come to supply the tribe with wives. Not fancying matrimony to a bunch of hollow earth barbarians the girls propose another plan with their boom-sticks and leadership they’ll lead the tribe in storming the molemen’s castle – then lead the tribe to ‘the topside’ where they can find all the wives they want.

Their counter proposal is accepted. With Mags and Edith putting together some grenades from local gourds and Hettie and Gwen following Need they lead the tribe on a sally through underground tunnels to a sally port of the molemen castle.

Which is guarded by 3 troglodytes – two with ray guns and one with a short glaive. Hettie attacks with a blowpipe and the leads them on a chase so Need can backstab with Hettie, Gwen and other tribes peoples help dispatch the two with ray guns.

Edith and Mags grab ray guns. The Trog armed with a glaive staggers injuries through a keypad door that Edith jams open with a rock – and Hettie jams a second open with corpse of a fleeing guard shooting a blow dart down his ear into his brain.

Entering a upward curbing corridor they explore – finding a central column where submarines are being constructed with a central hub and wiring. Jumping on to the sub – Edith determines the hub is in fact a child brain and these are the submarines exported to the likes or Von Vulcan and Shun Wu on the surface

Gwen rushes down to try and find the rest of the children – listening at the door, she falls through into nine trogs having a shower. They pursue after her running into a fusillade of the tribes, girls and Megs widely firing her ray gun into the ceiling.

Klaxons sound and an army of Trigs come at them heavily armed – confronted and outnumbered the Jolly Swagman challenges the leader of the molemen to a challenge his champions agains theirs in a battle of skill and wits under the old law.

But what is the battle to be – the girls have the answer of course A GAME OF CRICKET !

One comment on “Pink Gins & Googlies 7: 3 Liberty for Suborea !

  1. […] the challenge a cricket the ladies turn to training the Neds for their cricket match against the Trogodyltes […]

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