Pink Gins & Googlies 9:1 Death Flamingos !

The girls after their Sydney adventure roll up in Wellington where the Captain of their opponents, the Wgite Ferns – Fils Cowerie suggests an orienteering treasure hunt.

The girls gather their kit and go into a bus with their rivals and set up. A steep climb proves taxing for Jemima and Gwen.

At the summit they find a clue ‘ insects trapped down below, you will find us all aglow.’ After some pondering they reckon on it being a amber mine and find one on the map. They tramp down the slope to join a game trail leading to the mine.

Leading up to some log shacks they find an old fellow smoking a pipe. He asks if they are the girls from the university come to see ‘the find’ they confess they’re not and he offers to show them and they take him up.

He takes them down narrow crawling excavations which open into an open chamber when there is a large room shaped egg of amber jutting out one wall of the chamber . In the Amber is an inprisoned 12 foot tall flightless bird with a wickedly sharp axe like beak. As they studied abs discussed it with Jake there was a sudden earth tremor. A sharp boulder fell striking the egg asunder. Gas erupted from it causing choking and spluttering.

In the broken egg the giant birds eyes open.

The Countess Lemichello and Jemima help Gwen get out the miasma. Hettie opens fire, then Gwen throws rocks to distract the bird from the chocking Jake. Regretfully the bird slices him in half.

Flossie the Countess shoots a slab of rock that falls blocking the bird’s access to the lady cricketers who scale up the cavern to an opening in the top. The avian enraged – smashes at the blockage.

It breaks free as the Countess is pulled free but the old codger is chopped in half by the monster which has scrambled after them. They find this out as Hettie pulls him free abs discovers it only his top half.

While Jemima heals Gwen the girls hear further squarks and beating on the walls of the cave bellow – there’s more of the beasts !

They scramble to a cliff edge and determine to find a safe path down but manage to get lost in the woods. Circling back after some hours they see a car approach with 3 girls their age, a young boy and an old male academic. Signalling them with a makeup compact they stop the car and taking deep breaths abseil down.

They try and dissuade the visitors from entering the mine to no result. Though Gwen manages to let the little lad know his dads dead- not her most tactful moment.

As the academics storm in, the Cranford girls take the car and circle round to the protests of the professor. As he argues Axe beak heads appear from the mine behind him.

Hettie draws and starts blazing drawing the stunned palaeontologists to the vicious specimens. A student girl feints and Gwen throws the car into reverse to the rescue – stalling it under the beaks of the flightless raptors.

Jemima holds Flossie has she teaches for the stunned student but Flossie fumbles and falls. While Hettie blazes the boy and university party scramble abroad.

Flossie calls on her chorus line training and hurls the unconscious lass into the vehicle. She then throws his shoulders into pushing the stalling car that Gwen is struggling to restart. With a burst of muscular power typical if her time on the Liverpool Empire stage she jolts the car and grips on as the ferocious birds sharp beams swing around her.

Gwen speeds manically chased by five birds into the night but making distance heading for the nearest small town ….

2 comments on “Pink Gins & Googlies 9:1 Death Flamingos !

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