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Pink Gins & Googlies: 10:3 Lights! Camera ! Action !

The girls decide to go ahead with their plan to attend the Boadicea shoot as extras.The exception being Gwen who will be taking photos for the school magazine on set.

As the shoot proceeds the crew done heavy goggles during the stone henge coronation scene. The chief Druid actor had been replaced by Hierophant, the blue gems in stones and the costumes (including Jemima ) start to glow forming a portal of energy. Through the portal is a enormous crystal lamp that mesmerises the extras and Gwen despite her donning dark glasses. The other girls are made of sterner stuff. The ultrasonic chant accompanying the flickering of the lamp is being recorded by a gramophone.

The Countess Lemichello escapes the crush and runs off to get help. The others play along with the masquerade. The Countess runs off the lot in her Druid outfit and comes across Petra who’s come to visit the set.

The Countess jumps in the car and they speed off. They are quickly pursued by a pair of bikes with members of the crew giving case opening fire with ray guns.

They blast away as Petra speeds round the lot losing one pursuer in a Roman fountain. She drives round the back of the wooden fronts of ancient Londonium but the falling sets fail to stop the bike.

The Countess injured by a blast leaps to board the bike but her dress catches and she is dragged along the ground by the speeding car.

Petra then slams on the brakes – the bike crashes and it’s occupants fly into the arms of a plaster O’ Paris Hercules.

Meanwhile Gwen feels a pressing need to help anyone who comes through such a portal. Hettie follows the gramophone and rushes to a special developing building guarded by a fierce heavy. Using her stage now she despatched him but he bleeds blue blood.

As Hettie arranges fire arrows, Jemima tends to the wounded and discovers he has a forked tongue.

This is all too much for the Contessa as her and Petra roll up and see becomes deeply paranoid.

Hettie kicks in the door arrows blazing their is a transfer machine copying film and records and transferring them to small model aircraft. A minion flicks a switch and the planes take off – Hettie shoots two and destroys the main B copier before jumping in the car and taking over the ray gun (after insisting her hair does need drying.)

Giving pursuit they shoot down the drone and an alien rocket ship takes to the skies. The girls are resolved to break up the movie, save lucky and destroy the church of crystal technology.

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