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Pink Gins & Googlies: 10:4 Star struck

The girls resolve the hurtle back to lucky A’s mansion to try and save the Kucky and foil Frank L Cupboard – not wanting to be outgunned they raid a nearby film lot where a western is being filmed and equip themselves in the manner and dress of Mexican bandits. (Except for Hettie who while she carried a Winchester is still dressed like a Celtic Brunhilde.)

Meanwhile Jemima who was abandoned by a paranoia Contessa is taken prisoner and taken back to Luck’s mansion where Mavis see what’s going on and tried to rescue her getting into a shoot out.

Things look grim for Mavis until the rest of the girls come speeding in with the Countess at the wheel, guns blazing. Hettie – wings on her helmet flowing in the wind stands on the back seat shooting the lever action from the hip killing the guards.

At that point the rocket ship that was awaiting to pick up the drones it dives towards the stone circle disappearing into a portal to the blue sand planet. In her madness Flossie see’s an opportunity and drives the car with Jemima and Mavis on the running boards through the portal crashing and part buried into the purple sands.

Freeing themselves from the wreckage and viewing the orange skies the team walk towards the ivory buildings. Jemima is grabbed by a tentacle creature hiding beneath the sands that they fight off (that the players narrated like a radio play which was hilarious.)

Reaching the city they are taken by a robot under guard and to the court of Emperor Cupboard filled with all manner of Sobekians, bugbears and curious creatures who he is leading in alliance to conquer his native earth.

Can the girls foil his plan ? How will they ever return to Earth ? What will this interstellar travel do their batting averages ? Find out next week …

One comment on “Pink Gins & Googlies: 10:4 Star struck

  1. […] The gals are carted off to a cell. They demand food and served a stew with blinking eyeballs – it’s too much for Hettie who enters delusions of being in Nottingham. Jemima makes a fuss distracting the guards, Gwen bashes one on the back of the way with a tray and giving them an opportunity to leg it. […]

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