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Pink Gins & Googlies: 10:5 Rocket Rampage

The gals are carted off to a cell. They demand food and served a stew with blinking eyeballs – it’s too much for Hettie who enters delusions of being in Nottingham. Jemima makes a fuss distracting the guards, Gwen bashes one on the back of the way with a tray and giving them an opportunity to leg it.

They run out into a rocket pad there’s another guard Gwen disarms and Hettie takes out with a jab-cross-hook combination. They rush on the rocket and the Contessa jabbing at the controls takes off.

Whizzing through the orange skies they head back to the portal and using Jemima’s crystal fly through finding themselves zooming through a snow storm. Control is lost but the Contessa manages to regain mastery of the craft.

Jemima manages to operate a periscope type scanner and navigate then through Canada to Hollywood avoiding the attentions of the Royal Canadian Air Force and US Army Air Corps.

But not their guest from the luxurious bedroom of the rocket yacht appears a half naked figure in the bed behind him is both tentacle faced and another antelope horned ladies covering their modesties with satin bedsheets. He demands to know what is going on and told they’re from the agency returns to his horizontal tangoing.

He’s not phased his rocket ship is being commandeered by a

  • Celtic warrior woman with Mexican bandoliers who under her delusions thinks she’s in Nottingham taxi (Hettie)
  • A Celtic Druidesses – Gwen and Jemima
  • A Mexican Banditesses (the Contessa)
  • A lady in normal 1920s attire (Mavis)
  • The girls land at lucky sand chuck him out – the Prison Governor Erel Flyn protests but the girls are sure he’ll find a way to survive in Hollywood.

    They take off and fly to the film set with the technical help of the courtesans blowing the stone circle apart with rocket neutron torpedos and then evading scrambling US plains return to lucky’s only to find other US planes waiting for them. They destroy lucky’s stone circle but take damage from the American fighters.

    Finding that the governor has not packed the jet packs for the yacht and plummeting the Contessa crashes it in a swimming pool. The impact knocks her and Jemima out, while Hettie rescues Jemima , Gwen struggled to save The Countess – succeeding but being hideously burnt in the explosion. The alien courtesans also escape into the woods (no doubt to feature in a Steven Moffat detective series.)

    The girls club together to find a plastic surgeon and miraculously the operation is a complete success (if resulting in a change of actress if this was a tv show.)

    The girls are content that there wanton destruction has foiled Frank L Cupboards plans but the team can’t hang around Hollywood and have outstayed their welcome at lucky’s – abandoning their Hollywood match they charter a plane to their next and final tour date in the Hamilton’s, New York.

    One comment on “Pink Gins & Googlies: 10:5 Rocket Rampage

    1. […] The girls of Cranford old girls XI arrive in New York State in the Long Island mansion of Lady Agatha’ s friend Colonel Mustard. The colonel is accommodating them before the match. It’s a lovely peaceful setting in the Hamptons after the drama of Los Angeles. […]

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