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Pink Gins & Googlies 11.3: oh la la the gangs all here

The girls (Gwen, Hettie, Mavis, the Contessa & Jemima ) travel to Sag Harbour to try and find submarines. Enlisting local fisherman Frank Sideboard they set sail in his humble rotten caque looking for infernal submersibles.

They find no u-boats but find themselves surrounded in the thick of spiked sea mines. Under Sideboard’s direction they take poles and start prodding the mines away …


Unfortunately Jemima and Mavis foul their prodding and are knocked out in the subsequent explosions. The girls get them in cork life vests and clinging to driftwood swim to shire.

On the beach waking the Jemima and Mavis the girls make a revelation – Mavis has lost her locks revealing shirt mannish hair in a hair net.

Somewhat uneasy but realising Mavis’s hays memory of school days and appeal to Rudolph Valentino make some sense the girls have no time to lose. Four French soldiers in the uniform of the L’Empire du Monde attempt to arrest them. They beat the soldiers despite being unarmed and take their guns.

An French scout Airship arrives and they fail to fast talk their way out of attack. A large squad of the trans dimensional Frenchmen rappel down and attack , while a submarine surfaces and prepares to fire its deckgun.

Charging forward the girls shoot it out with the French Mavis and Jemima fall again (alarms!) but they eventually prevail scale the ropes (Mavis with cracked ribs and Jemima a sore head) hoping to take over the airship ….

One comment on “Pink Gins & Googlies 11.3: oh la la the gangs all here

  1. […] seized the French airship the girls find it locks down and under autopilot zips across the skies. Contessa Lemichello […]

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