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Pink gins & googlies: White Ferns XI v Cranford ladies

After the trials of the axe beaks Cranford ladies take to an overcast field to compete against the Wellington White Ferns, a very game bunch of girls over 50 overs.

The in biting wind and overcast skies the White Ferns Captain Carol McKenzie wins the toss and sucking teeth chooses to bat.

The inclement weather makes fielding heavy work and the visitors drop many catches with cold fingers and watering eyes. The kiwi batswomen make a good many runs from tirelessly conservative batting wearing out bowlers and fielders alike. A steady 280 turned out for the loss of only 4 wickets.

After an excellent lunch Cranford take to the bat. Feeling under pressure their openers fall to optimistic strikes. The trials of the uncomfortable morning in the field yelling in the sloppy bladesmanship. In contrast the locals are in the main rested, warmed and benefiting from a break in the cloud and drop in the wind fielding in better conditions.

While Mavis and Gwen attempt a rally with a 100 partnership it is a rare flower in the innings and the Old girls are bowled out for 197 trounced by 83 runs.

No extras where given in the match which is more a testament to shocking umpiring.


White Ferns XI 

Carol Mckenzie b. Larwood. 47

Margaret White b. Larwood 53

Merdia Gordion b Bouchet 40

Juliet Harris b. Arkwright-Harris 42

Jane Kennedy 69 not out

Sarah Scout 29 not out

Katherine Jones

Wallis Johnson

Beryl Chambers

Elizabeth Chambers

Lucy Chambers

Extras (0)


Cranford Old Girls XI 

Aunt Agatha Gregson b.Chambers E 13

Smasher Flashard ct McKenzie b Chambers L 12

Gwen Devonshire b Chambers B 56

Mavis Winthorpe b Chambers B 54

Deborah Carstairs-Linacre ct Chambers L b Chambers E 0

Patrica Rebecca-Harvey ct Chambers E b Chambers B 0

Hettie Larwood b Chambers B 12

Contessa Florence Lemichello lbw Chambers E 4

Lady Lily Bouchet ct Chambers E b Chambers L 16

Jemima Arkwright-Harris b Chambers L 16

Lacey Steadmab lbw Chambers L 14


Extras 0

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