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Pink Gins & Googlies 11.4 Family Finale

Having seized the French airship the girls find it locks down and under autopilot zips across the skies. Contessa Lemichello wrestles with the controls to no avail as the other girls attend to find an escape route.

The airship descends into a giant barn in rural Long Island who’s roof opens to reveal a glowing white panel interior filled with wires and van der graff generators. The floor also opens and the airship also descends as curious masked figures scuffle in the shadows.

Landing in the bowels of the earth the girls determine that the Contessa and Hettie will hide in storage closets while Mavis, Jemima and Gwen will allow themselves to be captured by the curious gasmasked goons who board the ship.

The girls are frogmarched into a complicated lab with five striking women.

The brunette with the tie says ‘hello great grand mother’ to Gwen. The Asian woman recognises Jemima as her great grand mother. The quintet are concerned that the other girls haven’t been captured. In conversation it becomes clear that the great-grand children are intending to imprison the gals. Jemima insists on a cup of tea as she protests. Detecting it’s sedated she spits it out.

Meanwhile guards searching the air ship find Flossie who jumps them – Hettie joins in and they don their guards all governing garb and sneak into the debate.

Jemima gets into a wide ranging debate with the great grand-daughters determining

  • They’ve stolen their Girls to stop the institutions they set up ( the Larwood physical excellence institute & Devonshire Detective Agency are mentioned) foiling their future plans.
  • They expect to ensure they’re own birth through artificial insemination.
  • They’ve pulled together enemies from across the tour (including Shun Wu who was over zealous with the mines and gremlins which was a bit dangerous and she shares a great grandchild with Jemima.)
  • They got time travel reverse engineering from Empire du Monde dimensional transport when the french approached them on a scheme
    The time terror’s motive is that they are trying to save the world in future from the pro pollution status quo that is destroying the planet
  • It’s clear the descendants view of the gals is shaped by this grandmothers and mothers memories of their matriarchs (our heroes.)
  • In a poignant scene Jemima asks why they can’t change bigger events ie go back and prevent the Great War and save her brother – it turns out they tried but ‘busy bodies’ protect the time streams and ‘major events.’
  • Gwen is gutted to hear the Cranford ladies college closed in the 1970s becoming a hotel and no one any longer plays the Suborean ashes in Mag’s memory. There are dark hints the Empire is no more and the Devonshire family have fallen into obscurity.
  • Gwen breaks and holds Jemima at gun point threatening to wipe out one grandchild – while Jemima proposes rather than prison the future ladies give the old girls knowledge to build the foundations for the 21st century plans. Agreed the oldest future woman – General Tyson a descendent of Flossie prints out some very specific investment advice (especially around 1929..)
  • Agree with Flossie and Hettie revealing themselves and both parties warning the other again treachery they notice a cricket bat. It turns out the new girls play. As things are tidied up teams are assembled and some confused 15th century Dodos in the undergrowth of Mauritius see a Cranford Old Girls XI take on a Cranford Descendents XI in an inpromptu match …
  • Cranford Ladies will return ….

    Maybe in the past , or the present or the future …

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    1. […] suspect this is a weak point for me. In Pink Gins & Googlies I didn’t feel the finale ‘landed properly. I think I went too high concept and it needed more work. I also think that when […]

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