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#RPGADAY 30 Portal

With reference to portals I’m thinking of a portal that would serve some of the projects I have on the go.

Me trying to schedule

I discussed in messages the successes and failures of some of so social media and other tools to organise games. In couples I mentioned various games where your looking to juggle parties and possibly switch players. I also have the objective to do Operation Topaz – that will need a flexible tool to manage players doing different war games and roleplaying games to the same end. I think I’ve found the tool.

I am lucky enough to running Watership Hull Down at two virtual cons – Burritocon and Owlbear and Wizard staff. Both of these are using Warhorn as an organisation tool. We have used discussions for pre game preparation and it is well suited for managing and scheduling games. Before using it as a mainstay of my organisation I think I’ll trial it for Operation Topaz and see how it goes on.

One comment on “#RPGADAY 30 Portal

  1. Sounds sensible…

    Or at least worth a try!?

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