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#RPGADAY 31 Experience

  • I’ve had some really good feedback and insights off Twitter, my players on Facebook & WhatsApp groups.
  • The reflection I’ve been chose to habitually indulge with helps me see synergies and correspondences.
  • It’s helped crystallise my plans for future games.

I hope I’ll garner more value as I repost in the ‘official mood month. Furthermore the experience has made me realise the value of reflection so I’m going to start a daily journaling practice – not merely limited to gaming but more broadly. Hopefully I can extend the benefits I’ve had to other areas of my life.

Overall I’d recommend the experience and welcome any further feedback.

One comment on “#RPGADAY 31 Experience

  1. Ending on a question … coin flip says you found it good; I suspect a d1000 would give more nuanced answers 😉

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