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Watership Hull Down – the Owlbear and Wizards Staff crew

Once again some brave mutant rabbit tankers led the survivors of Kendal burrow across the war torn post apocalyptic wasteland of British children’s literature to shining beacon of peace – Watership Down.

model tank by Matt Farr

Commander Valerian (Val)
Gender: Female
Pick 1 Secondary skill: First Aid
Pick 1 tertariy skill : Sniper
Your military headgear : Fruit hat (for nibbles)
Your fatigues: colourful leather jerkin
A distinguishing feature of yours to the tank: Lucky Rabbit’s Foot (belonged to my father who died in battle).
Your sidearm or personal weapon: Sniper Rifle.
Your fur colour: Brown with white tail.
How fluffy is your tail: Well kept but quite fluffy.
Voiced by: Emma Thompson

Gunner: Rabbo
Gender: Male
Secondary skills: Scout & Demolitons
headgear; red bandana
fatigues: torn trousers. Weapon art: bow with explosive arrows & bowie knife Fur: burnt off, naked
Tail: lost in ‘ham
Voiced by Slyvester Stallone

Loader: : Mandrake
Gender Male
Pick 1 Secondary skill: mechanic
Pick 1 tertariy skill : demolitions
Your military headgear : trapper hat and goggles
Your fatigues; grease stained camouflage
A distinguishing feature of yours to the tank: tattered, threadbare jolly Roger that’s been tied to the cannon for an eternity
Your sidearm or personal weapon: Swiss army knife
Your fur colour Grey
Who voices you in the cartoon Frank Welker
& of course how fluffy is your tail ? It’s a little singed and scruffy

Driver: Hawthorn
Gender – female
Secondary skill – mechanics
Tertiary skill – demolitions
Headgear – Snood and goggles
Fatigues – Leather jacket
Distinguishing tank feature – Boom box
Sidearm – .22 revolver
Fur colour – Blonde
Tail fluffiness – scruffy
Who voices me – Joanna Lumley

Radio Op: Ash
Male bunny
Secondary- electrics
Tertiary- combat engineer
Headgear flying helmet with flaps
Fatigues – cammo
Tank feature – days away from home etched onto a side panel of my ops desk.
Mauser pistol
Voice actor Tom Holland
Tail – fluffy

Another great crew & if i had the talent or money again i’d love to do art of fan art of them. in terms of a con game i think engaging players in making the characters via warhorn has worked and with simple enough systems i’ll definitely do it again !

One comment on “Watership Hull Down – the Owlbear and Wizards Staff crew

  1. […] I recently had a the pleasure of playing tank commander in a WW2 cosmic horror game ran by Roderick Hamilton so it was great to have this insight into tank training and life. i’ve also ran tank games myself (admittedly with mutant rabbits.) […]

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