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White Hounds Holocaust : Session Zero – Standard Operating Process

This is my thought for a session zero for white hounds holocaust / Gurps Aftermath Tenerife given its length some of this may be best done on email or 1-2-1.

Before all this they’d probably be some discussion of safety tools and the parameters of horror. My initial framing in BBCs 1970s show Survivors – but it’s for a full discussion with players and may vary campaign to campaign.

Community Design

  1. Assemble players
  2. Determine a player order (say alphabetical surname or forename)
  3. Player 1 chooses a letter
  4. Player 2 chooses a number in the range of occupied hexes
  5. This determines the home hex of the players community.
  6. GM extracts community population, economic & leadership data and shares with players.
  7. They also shares with the players broader details on the surrounding hexes.
  8. Player 3 describes a Strength of the PC’s community
  9. Player 4 Describes a Weakness of PCs community
  10. Player 5 (or 1) describes a Opportunity for the survival of the PCs community
  11. The next player continues to describe a threat to the survival of the PCs community
  12. Then going round in turn they elaborate on relations with each neighbouring Hexes community (1 player 1 comment 1 hex)
  13. We have one last round each player adding one extra detail or quirk to the community (nothing too gonzo and it can be domestic or political.)

Party Design Looking at the shape of the Community the players determine why their party adventures Prompts here

In reverse order from Community design the players go in turn with.

  1. There broad concept for a character (1st round)
  2. There relationship to another member of the party or the community (next 2 rounds can be negotiated) – building a relationship map.
  3. Relationship to community leadership.
  4. Make suggestions for other characters

Character Design

Having had the discussions in Party design and an idea of the player character’s community it should give a good basis for players to design a 50-100 pt GURPs character though for inexperienced players i can support in 121 sessions or pre-generating to instruction.

One comment on “White Hounds Holocaust : Session Zero – Standard Operating Process

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