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Dragons Den \ Shark Tank Dungeons

Talking in Dave Griffith’s Mork Borg game i play this Thursday I had an idea.

i’m out !

Apologies if this treads on any territory covered in King of Dungeons which i haven’t read,

The concept is an annual tournament where adventuring parties with super ambitious raids on complicated dungeons which will require many hirelings and special resources can get sponsorship.

They parties need to make a ‘pitch’ before potential investors – the ruling council of the City hosting the Tournament.

  • The Head of the Thieves Guild
  • Master Magician
  • General of the City Guard (Fighter)
  • Pontiff of the local Smiting Church (Cleric)

The investors can offer mentorship, advice & resources but will want a return on their investment which will need to be negotiated. The Pontiff might be all interested in backing a raid on the Temple of Elemental Evil while the Thief Guild Master is more intrigued by heist on the dwarven gold mines.

Of course this is a pastiche of the business reality show Dragon’s Den / Shark Tank. But i think it could motivate or revitalise a campaign.


Let’s take a situation where a party is mid level and got some bad blood between them and contrasting ambitions. Each player could develop ( or buy) a dungeon for one if their fellows. The PC develops a pitch for the Dungeon and then go to the Dragon’s Den.

Rather than the GM play loads of NPCs other PCs could play the Dragons (who’s characters are probably painted very broad) generating loads of fun.

Then those who get investment role up some new mid level characters from the investor for a new party to run in the dungeon.

Or use the concept as a hook for beginning adventurers to get backing for dungeon raids.

What do you think ?

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