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White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 1 Session 4 Ennio’s voice log

Ennios Journal (Transcribed Audio)

Using Google Street view for the attack on Santa Barbera

Right, so i guess this is Day One again, right? Expedition Two, Day One. My second Expedition already! So cool.

We’ve just been back out to Big Birds place to rescue the Priest they’ve got dangling up there. Or dentist, to hear them tell it, but i guess you can be a priest and a dentist. We had a good scout and thanks to me and Kostas bravery last time we’ve got a good idea of the lay of the place. Plus we’ve got Albert and Ray, so we’ve got a good plan fast; Kostas is off to set a diversion and I’ll lead Ray and Maria to the Priest, whilst Albert stays back to give covering fire.

The locals are watching the TV, we can hear singing coming from an old video, and they’re all singing along and watching and pretty much distracting themselves. Yeah my TV and generator still work, how cool is that? Shame we weren’t here to rescue that.

We get to the building they’re keeping the priest and its locked up, but I let Maria pick it (1) but the second one looks too hard so I have a go at it. The guard on the other side though, he must have heard an animal or something because he comes prowling out (2) which is terrible luck. I clear out the way to let Ray in (3) and Maria throws some distraction whilst Ray stabs the guy and then he’s all like “ow, my arm” so we can tie him and gap him.

The Priest is still alive, thankfully, but he’s pretty wrecked and we start to drag him out to where we’d found a wheelbarrow. Oh yeah, we had a wheelbarrow. Anyway, theres fires everywhere now thanks to Kostas and the locals are running around all confused until one of them spots us and starts yelling, so thats us blown.

And then, right, Albert just kills him. Like, one shot, and he goes from hollering and yelling to just having no head. I mean, wow. There is like this stunned silence and then Maria stands up and yells some churchy stuff and the locals start to back off. Its amazing. Then Big Bird start rallying them, and bobbing around at the back, then – boom – another shot and she’s yelling about her leg and no-one wants to come after us.

We hike back home with the Priest and subject him to an “inquisition” (4) and it turns out there is a Bishop and a whole colony just up the coast. So the Priest (who is too messed to travel) will give us a letter and we get to set back off again in the morning.

Motorhome convoy (add machine guns)

Expedition 3, Day One! Back on the road again! Mostly a day of walking, but we did run into a convoy of caravans on the road, all clean and a bit, well, creepy i guess. We all hid but they spotted Albert and tried to recruit him, and for a minute it looked like he was going to agree. Me and Kostas tried to sneak around to help out but in the end he fed them some info on the local area (hopefully so they won’t bother us but go cause more trouble for Big Bird) and they drove off. I wish i’d chance got a closer look at the caravans though, they looked in really good condition.

(1) Ennio fails to pick the lock here
(2) Ennio makes a real hash of picking the lock here, and makes unconvincing attempts at animal noises to bluff it off.
(3) Skips off to hide
(4) Ennio is the only one who thinks this funny but says it several times anyway

One comment on “White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 1 Session 4 Ennio’s voice log

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