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White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 1 Session 7 Happy Talk

Kosta’s recounts the last session of the first campaign of white hounds holocaust based around the pilgrims of San Juan de Rambala

So we all survived. Except for Ray. Well, more her hand, but you get the point. We then talked a lot and we were all what are we going to do oh no we cant do that, but what about that, but that wont work because there are dogs and the priest didn’t have a gun, but he did have a garrotte – and a poison pill – and 2 flares only different colour to mine! So we buried the bodies properly, just to make sure that we didn’t get into trouble with anyone – possibly God, not sure – Maria was unclear.

Then we headed towards our friendly fascist neighbours who were very happy to see us – and they were even more happy to see us go home afterwards, though they were very sad to hear that their friends had died on the road after we explained how, though they were happy again when we gave them their friends guns, which made everything ok.

When we got home, we got to speak with the Abbess who originally sent me out on my walk, and she was all “oh lets surrender” and we were all “no we can’t do that because we’ll all be slaves” and they were “nooo” and we were “yeees” and then they talked and talked and decided that they needed to pray things out, so we decided to speak with the Venezuelans then Ennio made a printing press – did I mention that we’d agreed to help the journalist? We had, she was nice. Well, evenhanded. And then Ray was all healed – except for her hand – and we all gave children newspapers for them to give to strangers, because that’s apparently how papers were delivered in the oldtimes – and the Venezuelans are turning up next week.
Can I go back to bed now?

One comment on “White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 1 Session 7 Happy Talk

  1. […] Episode 7Viewers notice that there isn’t actually n “Ennio’s phone” scene. As the team start to act on their plans, the music just starts up. Gangstagrass, with Long Hard Times To Come. […]

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