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White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 1 Session 9 Guns and no butter

Matt writes up last Monday’s session in character

Ennios Journal (Transcribed Audio)

Right, so sorry I’ve been recording these as regularly as I’d like but I’ve been pretty busy at the zoo, but we’re on Day 10 or so of Mission 3, which makes this our longest yet. We’ve done a week or so helping out at the zoo, mostly me fixing stuff up and the other doing…well whatever they do, i guess. Kostas and Me are pretty taken with the Pengwines, and I am sure they would thrive in the refrigerated hold of the ship back home (1) so we are going to have to come back and borrow a couple right? I mean, I should get paid for all this work.

The zoo folks are nice, if a little intense about their animals. The whole has been..good, actually. Probably the best thing that’s happened since… well, since.

Anyway, we came out for guns and so we headed out again, to check the local police stations further up the road. We found a minefield, some odd graffiti, and signs of fighting but everything was just stripped and abandoned. Eerily so, really. The whole trip looked like a wash out until I found these really cool headphones, i’ve even managed to splice them into my phone and I reckon they must have been the height of pre-collapse fashion (2). Can’t believe anyone just left them lying around. The rest of the team are really jealous, i’m sure (3).

Height of fashion

In the end we got so bored of finding nothing we started to read the old case files, and here, well here we found the cops were looking for some sort of gang weapons cache, but never found it. Then I remembered (4) that the first place we checked also had info on a cache, and with the two files we could find them! But on the way back we were spotted by what looked like a set of bandits, another one of these car gangs (where do they get the petrol?) we keep running into.

We end up trapped in this police station but they don’t seem too keen to come in. There is only one plan for us in these situations – DEPLOY THE NUN!!! Maria is great in these situations, she just heads out and does this funky nun stuff and their leader is suddenly all “sure we will join you Sister” and now we have a car gang.

Which was handy, because we popped over where this arms cache and there was about a hundred guns there (5) and we needed a car to get them home. Not sure what home is going to think of all this, to be honest.

(1) Ennio not considering this is also where they keep all the fish
(2) No.
(3) Also No.
(4) Well, someone remembered
(5) 25

One comment on “White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 1 Session 9 Guns and no butter

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