White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 1 Session 11 Battle of San Juan de Rambala


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Ennios Journal (Transcribed Audio)

So i guess this is the last entry for the moment. I started recording these when we first set out to try and find a priest to get Sister Maria all officially nun-ed up, and I guess we didn’t get to do that? I think that’s a failure, technically. On the other hand i think we have decided that you can be a Nun if your Nun Community says you are (1), but it’s all a bit religious to me, and I don’t quite follow the debate.

But anyway, we had captured this Duke guy who had shown up from somewhere but he wasn’t too helpful other than to tell us we were going to be attached, which I am pretty sure we knew, Duke Guy. He was super confident of rescue but – spoiler alert – he’s still in the hold of the Reefer so what did he know? We sent scouts out and it looked like the Fascists at Juan Centellas were tooling up and we spotted a Cookeneers boat off the coast.

Oh right! We found this case full of the coolest little soldier guys and i’ve set up War Room, and it was really useful. I got to use the Red Armoured Guys for Juan Centelas and these weird floaty aliens for the Cookeneers and moved them around when we were planning (2) and use the figures that looked like Nuns as our guys. Everyone really loves it (3).

Sorry, right. So Ray and Albert went to deal with the boat and blew it to hell, really cool job. The rest of us took a team up to the Fascist Base to rattle their cages. We took some shots with crossbows and melted back into the darkness, we must have really shook them up. Sadly one one of the team was captured as we scooched out, but when we went back to see if we could rescue them, we found our plan to get them to move up their timetable had worked (4) and they were on the way.

Back at town we set up for defense; I was running some of the rifle teams and the main machine gun nests near the centre of the line. They had handgliders that came in and tried to set fires but we were able pop, pop them out of the air (5) and tried a big flanking move, splitting their forces from the front and from the coast. Looked a bit hairy, actually, but Kostas snuck up on the central bit and pushed them off, and we got the shogun guys to follow up and really mess them up. Then i had redeploy the machine guys cos the beach guys were breaking through and it was all a bit messy. Good job we had a lot of machine guns, to be honest, just too much for them and they surrendered.

We took all their guns and stuff and kicked them back out. Gods on their side, my arse, i told them. Hopefully they’ll limp back and think about what they’ve done, but the bishop is still out there and whatever other forces he has. We need to worry about the Venezualen guys too, but we have way more guns than them now so they better be polite, is what i think. Like I said, they made Maria a proper Nun now without needing a stupid Preist, and we’ve got a lot of wounded to look after, but i’m not sure anyone will mess with us in a hurry now. And i’ve got loads of bits of handglider to look at.

(1) This feel dangerously Protestant
(2) Well, Ennio got to move them around
(3) Other opinions are available
(4) This was not the plan
(5) Eventually


Um, yes mamma. Well, um, it was all so confusing and people got hurt and lots of things happened and Ray & Albert shot a boat and there were flying machines and, and, and in the end the bad guys were beaten and I shot a man and we won and the fires were put out and they all said thankyou and…

…now now you want me to…

…you want me to go back to being a goatherd?

But why?

Yes, I know that you need the milk, but mamma, I lead a team up the ridge and I, I fought! I can’t go back to herding – I want to go and do things. I fought the fascists and trusted the samurai and caught the Duke and I saw what Ray and Albert and Ennio and and Sister Maria all did and I was with them and and the Bishop is still out there… and… why did I do that mamma if all I wanted to do is herd goats?

No mamma, no, you’re not listening, yes, Maria and Rey and Ennio and Albert are heroes and they deserve it and… but I am a hero too? Aren’t I? I don’t want to be a goather…

…you know what mamma? I don’t think that papa died. I think he left because you made him leave.


“I’ve found a piece of cloth from one of the crashed hang-gliders. It’s in a rainbow pattern. I like it. It’s bright and feels like hope. I’ve made a headband from it. I don’t know why Albert said: “that’s appropriate!”, but anyway. We’re having a celebration of victory tonight. Seems hard to celebrate when so many died and there’s still the bishop and the other factions who want to be too dog out there. But at least we’ve kept our community free. I see Martina and Gerard talking tactics like – almost -friends.

I see Maria stepping into poor Sisyer Agatha’s shoes and people coming to her for guidance. Albert at home in this new war. Kostas isn’t a boy any more. And Ennio, always trying to fix things, make things better.

We’ve gone a long way. All of us. I’m not the leader I want to be yet, but I’ll learn. And when this plasters off, I’ll be able to fight again. And we’ll be going out again, the five of us. There’ll be a new pilgrimage soon”.

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