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White Hounds Holocaust Final Playlist

One of the fun elements of the recent campaign was a play list player Andy Horton with help from fellow player Matt Farr wrote the following serious summary based on the playlist.

Final playlist for this season.

Thank you everyone who contributed songs to the playlist over the last few months. I’ve had a chance to share some favourites, and discovered some great music that was new to me – and also learned to enjoy some “classics” (who knew Lonely Goatherd was such a singalong classic?).

The original idea of the playlist was that each episode of the TV series, if this was a TV series, could end with Ennio playing something appropriate on his old phone. So, with that in mind, heres’ my imagining of some of those scenes week by week. Others might have different choices of the songs that summed up the episodes, but here are mine.

Each episode starts with Springsteen’s This Hard Land, as the camera traverses the inhospitable, empty landscape of Tenerife, with happy holiday snaps intercut with moody black and white shots of the decayed resorts and battle damage as they are now.

Episode 1
Ennio ruefully packs his retrieved gear stolen by the monkeys back into his toolbelt. He grins, turns on his phone, and the lively strains of Toots and the Maytals’ Monkey Man kick in as the credits roll.

Episode 2
Maria leads the children and survivors of Icod De Las Vinas to our community. Ennio sees one of the others pick a toddler up and carry them on their shoulders. He smiles, puts in his headphones, and as the credits roll we hear CSNY start to sing “Teach your children well…”

Episode 3
After the scene of them bickering on the return from captivity to Big Bird’s group, Ennio takes a look at Kostas, who stood up against the bullies and didn’t back down. As he walks home with his friend, he cues up Jimmy Cliff’s defiant The Harder They Come.

Episode 4
As the Caravan Club smugly drive off after shaking Albert down, Ennio remembers a strange old song on his phone and the camera follows the CCers rather than our heroes for once as The Divine Comedy’s National Express plays.

Episode 5
Having seen off bandits, and optimistic about meeting the Bishop at last, as they walk along the coastal path Ennio plays Ringo’s Right Side Of The Road.

Episode 6
In the aftermath of the murderous fight in the dark, and his shooting of the young priest, Ennio withdraws from the others. He sits down, headphones in, and gloomily hits play. The slow intro starts to Steely Dan’s Dirty Work…

Episode 7
Viewers notice that there isn’t actually n “Ennio’s phone” scene. As the team start to act on their plans, the music just starts up. Gangstagrass, with Long Hard Times To Come.

Episode 8
Ennio is doing some more work on the generators. It’s helped him get over his darkest place. One of the others asks him: “feeling better?”
“A bit, yeah”. He goes back to work, headphone on, and plays Simon and Garfunkel’s At The Zoo.

Episode 9
Happily riding in a motor vehicle, as we return with good weapons and new allies, Ennio puts on his shiny big 1970s headphones and hits play. We hear the martial drumbeat , and the start of CW McCall’s Convoy.

Episode 10
As the Duke is bundled away into captivity, Ennio wanders past, headphones on, and we hear Darts: “Duke! Duke! Duke! Duke of Earl! Duke-Duke…”

Episode 11

Aftermath of the battle.

Ennio has used one of the handglider wreckage to make a large kite, and ran a radio wire up to it. He turns it, and plays with some dials on a box with the headphones on, but you can’t hear what he does, just sees a flicker of frustration and occasional ear pain on his face. Then he grins, and hits a switch – activating a nearby speaker for all to hear. There is a crackle, a whine and then:

“…listening to Radio Tenerife. Be safe out there.”

a broken, distorted version of Public Enemies “Harder Than You Think” starts to play, swelling to a clean soundtrack version as the camera pulls back from Ennio across the ruined town.

Albert setting up machine-gun positions. Ray leading a squad of kids on salvage duties. Maria giving counsel to traumatised villagers. Kostas mounting up on a Shogun car to look for stragglers.

Anyway, here’s the final version of our playlist.

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