White Houndst Holocaust Campaign 4 Party: High Llama clan of Mount Teide

For the 4th post apocalyptic tenerife game we did our session zero via a private twitter chat.

The home hex selected is on the northern slopes of Mount Teide and a small herding community of 38 souls.

The players decided they’d herd Llamas and talking it through decided the herd had grazed their pine forest down. Trading weaved cloth and using llama bone weapons and bolas they are a fairly peaceful people – though many of their neighbours view their herd with greedy eyes.

The youngesters wanted to move on tempted by a yellowing brochure showing a nearby Beanuvista Golf course while the oldsters are more conservative.

A recce party has been out to check out the golf course but it’s been a month and not been heard off so a more mature group (the player characters) is being sent to find out what happened to them.

These then are our heroes:

Conchita, 54

A weaver but starting to become arthritic in her hands. Has an eye for detail and is a perfectionist and a bit of a scold to the younger group members but is well liked for all that. She can juggle and throw knives after a period in one of the circuses periodically visiting the island…but she is a bit arthritic so finds it tough now.

Conchita is incredibly maternal to Pedro and has for some time now been sneaking some extra rations from her food to him ‘a growing boy.’

Alejandro is a potential love interest to Conchita but she doesn’t think he is interested romantically in her so she teases him without remorse (and occasionally a little bitterly?) Molly is the yin to her yang with the youngsters and although a little aloof (weaving is a bit solitary) she is often sought out by the younger elements of the tribe to pour oil on troubled waters?

Cujo helped with the collection of the fleeces and one punishment for poor manners was to sit with Conchita whilst she spun the threads or to help with teasing out the thread or carding the fleeces. With his stamina and size Cujo was often the only one who could sit still for long enough, work hard enough and hold his hands up for long enough for her to spin and make the threads.

Molly, 61,

The wiry but fierce former fitness instructor who is now the de facto military tactician of the tribe. She brooks no nonsense and many a cheeky youngster has found themselves flat on their back, struggling for breath after calling her Grandma.

Changa was always pestering Molly with questions about the communications technology of the before times. “Imagine being able to talk to anyone, anywhere in the world- how wonderful that would be?” Molly suspects that she may have been trying to make a crystal radio set – could she have picked up a signal from somewhere?

Molly has been hiding her fears of growing old, remembering her own mother’s undignified end from dementia. She started to confide in Alejandro but drew back from the angry young man. Perhaps she sees her younger self in him?

She walks with a five foot staff that doubles as a surprisingly effective weapon for anyone that presumes she’s too old to be a threat.

Pedro, 19

“The Mountain Goat” likes to think it’s because he’s nimble but possibly because he’ll eat anything. Loves to explore but is a little afraid of outsiders.

Conchita is Pedro’s aunt. His father (Conchita’s brother) disappeared long ago and Pedro clings on to the hope he’s out there somewhere, exploring for the clan. He’s a little afraid of Molly but Alejandro seems to have the measure of her, so he prefers to seek advice from him. Alejandro taught him to play the bone flute.

Pedro and Satanna often used to explore together – she could usually outrun and outlast him and he was always worried that she’d stray into danger and he’d be held responsible. He’s worried the elders think her ‘recklessness’ has got them lost or into trouble and he should bear some of the blame

Alejandro, 42,

Male. Rough leathery skin, walks with a slight limp. Friendly to all, but has a mean streak when roused.

Alejandro was mentored by Molly, but due to his anger issues there is still a tension between them. He has tried to pass on some of his life experience to Pedro. He helps Conchita with her weaving supplies when he can.

Alejandro has concerns about Jose, he places too much faith in his armour and weapon. He taught Changa pigpen code, so she could scratch it into rocks or on the ground to leave messages. The other young party members he knows but not too well.

The Llamas

Each party member has a pack llama

  • Ramon, Dark brown with lovely long eyelashes! (Conchita)
  • Midnight, jet black with a vile temper for anyone except Molly
  • Bernardo – obstinate, grey (Pedro)
  • Amante, beige and docile.(Alejandro)

The Missing Party

This is the missing party they are after rescuing.

  • Cujo 15 Male thick set shaggy built like a bulldog
  • Satanna 16 Female tall muscular thighs (a runner) weedy arms shaved head
  • Changa 14 Female wiry obsessed with lost technology
  • Jose 18 Male buff wannabe to be warrior type with crude llama hide armour & a llama teeth morning star, hide shield.

They set off a month ago with their pack llamas and equipment and should have been back after a week.

I really like this party it’s a really different in feel to the Pilgrimage or the Cabaret from the first two campaigns. it has a really clear mission i’m looking forward to running for them.

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