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The Crew of the Red Cavity Cabbage

As a little interlude on Thursdays before the next Tenerife campaigns i’m running a space trucker game using a hsck of black hack and using the floor plans of a traveller far trader.

in a session zero we determined the player characters are:

R2DAN2 Robot Captain

Tex Plosion – 1980s stuntman trapped in time & now space pilot

Buzzbee Chase – Navigator & Beekeeper

Wylma Plant – Engineer & Botantist

Les Cargo – Accountant/Counsellor

Maybe nobody really knows why he’s there. He just came with the ship. He emits a pheromone that stops people questioning his presence.

It’s in his exudate. It’s a very low level neuroleptic. As a result he’s kind of the ship’s counsellor. The crew talk to him. He just stares back inscrutably, yet it is comforting in a weird way

Solo Han – Turret Gunner & Priest of Moomin

Dr Kutitov – doctor / con man

Starting Scenario

The ship is going to planet of Misery Mere to pick up Drog ( Duck-Frog) eggs to take to Mario Petre Blanc’s buffet moon of Ramsay. They will need to brave a blockade by the Space Shepherd environmentalists. Transporting the eggs will be tricky as if not kept at the right temperature they’ll hatch and their saliva dissolved metal.

The Universe

There’s a interstellar government the Corporation or ‘Corpy’ but it’s largely corrupt and has no navy relying on officials with clipboards.

As a starter session they took their ship for a service on Br8N braving stahlhelm space pirates and finding a pair of Arachnockers spider aliens abducting and impregnating members of the crew. Fortunately Buzzbee and Wylma saved everyone. The regurgitated spider babies are being kept in an incubator.

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