White Hounds Holocaust Campaign 6: Las Chumberas Mariners

For this party the characters are from the district of Las Chumberas in urban centre of San Cristobal de la Laguna on the very north eastern tip of Tenerife.

Las Chumberas

A community of 50 odd souls with only 3 with memories from befall the fall it has a lack of understanding of pre-fall society and technical sophistication.

However the community does have a strong curiosity for pre-fall stuff so horde books and data on pre-fall stuff especially technical stuff even though they don’t fully understand it.

The community’s relative youthfulness mean it is very good scavenging, fit, healthy and sneaky. They Skilled boatmen and fishermen using canoes & zodiacs with outboard motors they portage to the coast using their bicycles and tricycles. They live inland to avoid coastal raiders. However a recent change in the coastal communities has blocked their access to the sea.

They want the relics of a pre-fall civilisation but are progressive and want to bike back better.

Despite a lack of technical understanding the community is quite good as basic crafts and coaxing old engines into life – mechanics etc;

They’ve looted weapons and armour from the Decathlon store sports equipment and medicine from the hospital.

The player characters are from a faction called the Mariners who were working on a ferry Volcana de Tinemar in docks till Milena Rosucci took over the coastal tribes and blocked their access to the sea.

The Mariners

Community not in a defensive position so pretty smart to have lasted this long. Maybe more over to the shopping centre. First objective is to secure access to the sea and or find another island. Using mechanical island ? Looking to for a Big ship to take over and (ferry centre) either a safe island or a floating community. They have bicycles! (rivalry with the skater kids)

Papagonzalo Lopez de Alcazar (Dave)

Papagonzalo was a holiday maker from mainland spain and like to go back to there. He was studying law from Grenada. He’s trying to mentor Cesar and inspire him of the promised land of mainland Spain with takes of how it used to be and explain netflix and apple. Resents being stuck on island by the disaster as he was forced to be on holiday in Tenerife being dragged along by family.

At 49 has post fall memories and has been pushing to get out of here. He realises the position isn’t the greatest place to be. He advocates for a nautical existence plying the coast on the ferry but privately has his mainland agenda.

He can read well and has older skills and can look at plans and documents etc; He’s armed with sporting bow & survival knife; Armour fashion from ikea padding m, kitchen wear and sporting protection.

Davide Arco de Tubarao (aka “The Shark”) (Brett)

Being the son of a Spanish woman and American this “gringo” escaped constant hassling by running away to sea. A natural talent with machines led this untrained mechanic to become part of the engineering team. Davide loves tinkering with engines and spending his shore leave beach combing for shark teeth. A bit of a prankster, he likes to snorkel with a shark fin on his back. Uses a aluminium baseball bat as a club and carries a sharpened sporting javelin.

Benedicto ‘Benny’ Simon Himinez Palacio (Martin)

40 year olds son of ships engineer not maybe a natural fighter but carries a harpoon gun. Papagonzalo is an inspiration to him and his dream for using the ferry has revitalised Benny’s desire for the nautical existence. However he doesn’t want to go to Spain and is exasperated by the harking on about a golden age. He also carries a complete ikea kitchen set of weapons.

Cesar Lorca Lopez (Huw)

a 25 year guy trained in shooting and mechanics – his big things are the acquisition of knowledge and really aligned to quest for knowledge. Helped with the engines on martin’s boat so a dependable apprentice type relationship. Good with a gun looking for a cause. He has seen theThames barrier in a book and wants to see it in real life. He has found an elite hunting rifle with limited ammunition and a combat knife.,

Cesar’s Antonio Zoli
Evolutuon rifle in .223 Winchester with Leica Fortis 6 2-12 x 50i scope
Harry Badem (Craig)

25 son a Turkish plastic surgeon and English hotelier. From his mother has medical and disguise skills with herbalism and excellent scrounging. He also speaks Turkish and some rough Arabic from some half hearted religious instruction . From his father he has talents for construction, catering and is something of a connoisseur of pre-fall epicurean delights. Attractive and charming but not a a natural conman as honest, genuine and a humanitarian. Carries a pre-fall fencing epee sharpened to a point and a sharpened sports javelin.

The Neighbours

The Positivists

At Tenerife North Airport this cordial if small bunch of believers in the power of positive thinking trade mechanical tools and lubricants with the Chumberans for fish, other foods and consumer goods.

The Prison

South of the airport and west from our heroes is the prison where a community of Catholic enthusiasts have settled. Only 50 strong and well armed with looted arms they have taken to hectoring and dictating moral laws to the surrounding communities including the progressive Chumberans.

San Cristobal Super League

Tower of Justice and hall of friendship

a small community of 20 or so atheists based in the Iglesia de la Concepción or as the call it the Tower of Justice and Hall of Friendship. They take moral inspiration and framework from silver age comic books at a nearby comic shop they looted. As such they tend to be hectoring moral purists with a nice line in capes tending to talk in capital letters and unfriendly with the nato cannibals or skater dudes.

Super League Standby !

The Coastal Consulate

A small community of 29 taken over and wielded into a force by Milena Rosucci an Roman pagan and political exile from elsewhere. She puts on great parties for other leaders and is building a temple but as part of her power play is blocking the Mariners from the Ferry terminal.


Based at the old AALOG 81 Barracks is a 20 person detachment based on an old NATO cross unit intelligence unit. They have debased to cannibalism bud mike lions lazily pick off strays and weaklings. The older ones keep NATO dress and uniforms the longer weave ponchos with stylisations of NATO flags, Thry remain well armed but consider the affairs of local peons beneath them. The force includes members or descendants of :

  • Royal Danish SOKOM (Special forces)
  • Spanish Foreign Legion
  • A jovial giant of a German gebirgsjäger
  • Norwegian Forsvarets Spesialkommando
  • Belgian Special Operations Regiment
  • French Foreign Legion
  • Welsh Guards
  • Latvian Rifles (though youngsters taken on Zouave embellishments )


Based around an old office building and tobacco warehouse this is a centre of dope and tobacco dealing. This leads to conflict with the nearby Suoerleague often resolved through ritual confrontations and dance offs. They do however practice kung fu as well as skateboarding and are fairly devout if relaxed Catholics who believe on the seventh day god rolled a fat one and tuned in.

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