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ideas for a judge dredd busters game session zero ideas

one project for next year after tenerife is a game based on the comic property judge dress i’m capturing some system & session zero notes.

Character creation

While there are MANY judge dredd rpgs out thereI propose to hack gangbusters as follows.

core stats (muscle, agility, observation) are rolled as 50 + 1d50 + mod representing years of training at the academy.

two new statistics

PSI – straight d100 no mods if get over 75 roll again if get 90-100 your an active psionic and a psi judge.

PSI points – psionic hit points / energy Psi + muscule / 10

Skills and Experience

roll 1d5 for the number of tours the judge has done

roll 1d5 for each tour for its length in years. total tour length in years + 15 = the judges age if less than 18 or if no pass ratings might still be an (exceptional) rookie.

Roll 1d10 for the assignment and see attached skill (not agility will be used as stealth for this hack) skills are gained at 1d100+mod (+10 for subsequent tours) For PSI judges this is the division they support.

1-5 street judge

6 tek judge (tinkering skill)

7 med judge (medical skill)

8 Flying squad / H Wagon ( pilot as driving)

9 Wally Squad (shadowing or acting)

10 Special (role again table below)

Special table

  1. SJS ( interrogation)
  2. Academy of Law (teaching)
  3. The Space Corps (heavy weapons)
  4. Accountants (accountancy)
  5. public relations (public speaking)
  6. Public Surveillance Unit (bugging)
  7. Riot Squad (+10 muscle)
  8. – 10 Traffic (+10 driving)

Each tour assess the judges effectively by rolling again driving ( as an average of muscle and observation ) or the new skill picked up. a success = good , fail poor if the roll ends in 0 or 5 and is a success it’s an excellent rating if a fail it’s a must improve rating.

Session Zero

Arrange PCs tours on a timeline spreadsheet do you can see where there careers might have overlapped.

Define the Sector

  1. we go round the table and each player defines 1 physical feature of the sector (it’s geography)
  2. we go round and each player defines a amenity of the sector
  3. we go round and each player defines a problem (crime, gang, craze) in the sector
  4. we go round and each player adds one defining point to one amenity and one problem
  5. each player names 2 blocks and the player to their right gives them a one sentence description
  6. an addition block per player is named by drawing random wikipedia pages but left undefined for now.
  7. go round the table once more and players can link blocks to amenities, problems or features
  8. looking at a the sector make a decision when in judge dredd history the game is set (this will also inform player timelines.)

Define the party relationships

  1. go round the table each PC gets to define on aspect of their relationship with another party member. this can be inspired by the tour history or straight of the bat. if there is disagreement it can be discussed but the party member on the receiving end has to agree to the defining factor. Examples include an experienced judge being a mentor to a rookie, not trusting psionics, worked on a big case but one of them dropped the ball etc;
  2. do this till every character has one defining factor with every other PC
  3. Then you can go round defining the npcs in the sector house each pc adding an element to – the sector chief, tek chief, med chief, riot chief and briefing judge (desk sarge type) and any wally squad or civilian admin they want to add

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