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White Hounds Holocaust: Las Palmas Military

(A bit of background for ERCE done late at night.)

(This is information from fragments found in buried in Lanzarotte – it’s dated June 2051 and is in a folder entitled Lanzarotte European Space Agency – Project Daedalus Intelligence Report LP20510611M.)

Las Palmas Military

population: circ 10000 (inc refugees ) 

Active Military

Navy –

stolen off clipper race survivors p
  • 5 sailing ships each with a platoon of marines and armed with revolver bowchasers, light broadsides and a black powder heavy mortar
  • Each ship commanded by a Captanio de Navio
  • Each Marine platoon commanded by a Tentiente (act as beach pathfinders) 
  • Each ship can transport an army battalion short distances 
  • 3 Almirante to command special projects or missions 
  • The overall fleet commanded by  Captain General 

Army –

but with a blackpowder rifle
  • Colonel General in overall Command 
  • 3 Brigadier Generals to command special projects or missions (like the invasion of Teberife) 
  • 3 Colonels to form impromptu regiments 
  • EREC Battalion (platoon strength officer heavy) 
  • Artillery Battery ( 8 revolver style 6 pdrs horse drawn) 
  • Rocket Battery ( 8 rockets mounted on rickshaws) 
  • 3 Regular Rifle Battalion ( 5 x 100 men companies of 3 platoons) 
  • Armoured Car Troop ( 3 cars with 3pdr revolver cannon in turret  / gatlings in forward cupola next to driver.)

Regular Units (including Sailors/ Marines)

Regular units are manned by conscripts & professional officers & NCOs.

Wear camouflage or olive green with steel helmets of 1980s, post war or even as old as spanish civil war vintage. Standard weapon is a double barrelled breach loading blackpowder rifle or carbine though cavalry have single barrel breech loaders and revolvers.

Each Battalion has 1 or 2 snipers with pre fall rifles.

Reserve units

  • 4 Reserve Rifle Battalions  (5 x 100 men companies of 3 platoons)
  • Regular Cavalry Squadron ( 150 men in 5 troops of 30 men) 

When called up always serve alongside regulars

Reserve Units


Reserve units are manned by reservist who have passed through conscription based on geographical area. Officers are professional but many NCOs are elected as a necessity. Fear of mutiny or rebellion leads the junta to grant then less high grade weapons. 

Wear a uniform green tabard and forage cap over / with civilian clothes. Infantry have single barrelled breach loading rifles and cavakry breach loading black powder shotguns & double barrelled pistols. 

Guardia Civil

Circa 600 traditionally uniformed officers armed with black powder revolvers and shotguns a small Junta Protection Platoon has all modern weaponary ( SMGs mostly)

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