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My name is Cesar Lorca Lopez and I am the best sharpshooter on Tenerife.

We have decided to go to sea on the big liner. I would like to see London but Papagonzalo and Benny tell me it may not be wise. But I would like to go to sea anyway. I do not like the cannibals one bit and I don’t think our position is safe.


Benny figuring out the spark plugs

We got the spark plugs for Benny, but something was wrong with them and they didn’t work. I’m sure it’s not Benny’s fault, he’s very smart with ships. We have to find a new boat to get more spark plugs from.

3D Google map – tanker was on its side from tsunami

So it’s another bicycle ride for us, and we find another boat. I climb up high to take a good sniping position and watch while the others scavenge the boat. I see a group of people, looking, well, not as frightening as the Otan Cannibals but not as weird as the superhero people either. They’ve got hunting rifles though so I keep an eye on them. I see everything and my gun is better. No need for a fight though.

There’s some commotion below – I gather Benny and Papa have gone to get the spark plugs while Harry is searching for first aid supplies. From the way they tell it, Harry found some supplies and also a really large spider, but Papagonzalo saved him! And told him not to fuck with the wildlife, which is very wise in my opinion as we have had troubles with racoons and spiders and chimpanzees over the last day or so.

hug me !

Up in my eyrie, I see the travellers arriving at the refinery, and seeming to be very impressed with it. They have a mixture of Old Times clothes and new, improvised sandals and other kit crafted from tyres after the Fall.

We head back to the big ship, deciding not to make contact with the newcomers. They may have something to do with the alarming radio signals we heard? No need to let them know about us and our plans.

Back at the ship, Benny fits the spark plugs and they work first time! The ship is ready to sail!

At see, I spot a most strange sight – an old sailing ship, some kind of tea-clipper, heavily laden and low in the water. Cannons, perhaps? It seems to have scramble nets and auxiliary craft, and it’s flying the flag of the invaders from Las Palmas. We decide to lay low and let it sail off – and then I spot a microlight following it lazily in the sky. It seems to have some kind of emblem on it – an ’S” going through two triangles.

When they are gone, we decide to take the ship for a test run.

We have a ceremony and toast the engine, with a little bottle of something we scavenged. The engine fails! But Benny applies percussive maintenance (he said that’s a technical term) and then it starts and the whole cruise ship comes to life!

Benny stays in the engine room, while Papa goes to the bridge to steer – Harry runs messages between them and I stay with my gun looking out for trouble. The ship sails out! It’s amazing. The seas are ours!

The microlight guy comes back round, and he’s signalling using a heliotrope. I decide he is quite close enough so I shoot at him. Somehow, I miss, which is strange as I am Cesar Lorca Lopez, the greatest sharpshooter on Tenerife, and he flies away.

run away !

We decide we need to evacuate our people to the ship. We sail back to the jetty and have an extremely rough docking, but the ship seems to be intact. Papa thinks it is best if we blow up the tanker ship after we’ve rescued our people, and manages to convince us all.

Harry patches up our wounds, and I fire the signal flare to tell our people to gather. Our people ride up on their bicycles – and not a moment too soon, as we witness small arms fire break out between these new nomads and the OTAN cannibals.

Benny fires up the engines again and Papagonzalo sails us out to sea! Our adventure is just beginning!

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