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White Hounds Holocaust: Campaigns 5 Session 8 : New beginnings

i’ve written up the last session of Campaign 7 i hope my poor pen may do it some justice.

Report of Capitán de navío Fernando Merandez, Captain of the Reina Isabella and Commander of Task Force 3

Excellencies of the Junta, My Lord Admiral 

I can report that ERCE 3 have indeed completed the chain of microwave communication arrays across the high points of Tenerife. The final site of the Volcano de Gumar being secured through success in a bizzare local ritual.

The locals chase geese down the volcano for luck – the bet was struck if the EREC contestants (Liesel and the gigantes auxiliary sister Ralphela) could win being first to grab a goose and return it to the summit then the array could be sited. If they failed an ERCE member would be offered as human sacrifice. Given the injuries incurred fighting the American civil war enthusiasts the party was ill placed to defend itself if things went badly.

However Sister Ralphela proved a as cunning heretic as she is strong lathering herself in the sticky sap of the alovera she was able to wrestle and affix a goose to her mighty thews. Through brain and brawn she scrambled her feathered prize to the peak and won the EREC the prize.

In accordance with your excellencies good ordnances of the EREC 3 personnel 

  • el commandant has made a cabellero of the order of the golden fleece, He has also be awarded the king service medal.
  • sundry awards have been made of the medal of saint sebastian (1st class death in battle, 2nd class grevious wound)
  • all soldiers have been awarded the Army medal. ( so not the nuns or captain)
  • and liesel being mentioned in despatches (oak leaf collar decoration)
  • the whole party will be awarded the Cortez medal of exploration
Knight of the golden fleece worn at the neck (dull version like an iron cross worn with service uniform)
Army Medal
Long Service Medal
San Sebastián Medal
Cortez Medal of Exploration
mention in despatched

Despite her imposing bulk and stern demeanour Sister Ralphela does appear popular with the lower ranks. She has elected to join EREC3 on the appointment of Commandante Vasquez as Ambassador Extraordinary from Las Palmas to the Bishop of Beanuvista del Norte.

Excerpt of letter from Los Gigantes Mother Superior Chaxiari intercepted by a Thermscyrian Defence Forces ambush of a joint Los Gigantes / Las Palma expedition heading towards Beanuvista del Norte.

Sister Ralphela i exhalt in the glory of Christ from your news. That our Truth has found root in the hearts of La Palma sailors gives me hopes. That they realise that only female revelation may lead us back to God after the fall causes me rejoicing. You are correct to maintain the appearance of Friendship with the Beanuvista del Norte so called Bishop and his La Palmas allies all the time fanning the flames of our truth so in time it may be an conspiracy, an insurgent for Gods work that may burst into flames like the bush before Mossa….

MOST SECRET – Ambassadors instructions for Commandante Doctor Cabellero El Vasquez

  1. Beanuvista del Norte bishopric appears more ideologically parallel to our mission 

2. Your mission is secure alliance and a subservient support from the bishop of beanuvista del norte in our unification of Tenerife.

3. Furthermore you are to expand our intelligence and influence using your security detail for special missions at your discretion

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