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White Hounds Holocaust: Campaign 6 Session 9 Plague Island

Medical Records, Harry Badem, 9 June 2051

The plan to slowly accrue a fuel reserve through trade on behalf of the Romans progresses well. The community remain in good health and has almost entirely adapted to life on the sea. It has been a couple of weeks since the last case of seasickness and even that can be put down to some particularly bad weather. The situation on Tenerife has become even more complicated than when we departed and Papagonzalez believes there is a growing tension on the island. A new progressive alliance has formed to take on the many statelets backed by the Las Palma invaders while the Scientologists are on the move searching for something. There have even been reports of UFOs over the night sky and debris from an airship.

We have come to the reluctant decision that the plan is taking too long and more direct action is required before the situation explodes. Papa and Benny were able to convince the Romans that Madeira, to the North, had unexplored potential that they could not ignore. The winds supposedly make the journey easy but I wonder why, if that is the case no one has attempted it before. Or maybe Benny is spinning another of his tall tales. In the end, we take on board a Roman expeditionary force – A Prefect, retinue, centurians and supernumeraries. They’re well-armed but seem content to stick to the bowels of the ship. Prefect Augustus is, of course, the exception and he spends most of the time trying to laud it over us with talks of how this trip will make his career. The man has delusions of grandeur.

It takes a couple of days to reach Madeira and a port. Cesar’s eagle eyes assure us that there are no visible hostiles but the reason why becomes apparent all too soon – bubonic plague! It is a disease I have only read about and it’s clear that it has only recently reached the island based on the state of decay. While I lack the medicines required to treat it I can ensure that the crew minimise their chance of exposure! Early symptoms include fever, weakness and headaches which I shall keep an eye out for in all that went ashore. I have taken the precaution of recommending the community isolate from us for as much as possible over the next week in case we have been exposed. Rats and vermin are to be killed on sight, the bodies carefully disposed of and the area washed down immediately. While the extra meat is normally welcome we just can’t take the risk right now. God knows how fast it would spread should it have made it aboard.

As we head off around the island a plan begins to form – can we trick the Romans to disembark by feigning an outbreak? Sadly that option does not present itself, as we round the corner to Ponta da Oliveira we discover the likely source of the outbreak – a recently beached ship with bodies still visible on deck.

Defeated by Madeira we track NE. The Prefect believes we are looping round to Porto Santo to raid the small airport to avoid returning empty-handed. When he marches off with his centurions Benny takes great pleasure in reversing the ship back out to sea, but not as much as I bet Cesar took making the supers walk the plank!

Next stop – Gibraltar

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